Crappy immune system

I’m still sick…. it’s been going on for two weeks now and I just feel like crap! Even crappier is that I met the doctor again today and he put me on another two weeks of sick leave. Oh I so hope I get well way before that! 

If that wasn’t enough of crappy things we’ve also had to cancel our long awaited 2 weeks vacation to Gran Canaria. I should have been enjoying nice warm weather and our own private pool right now! Instead I’m spending my days in the sofa either sleeping, resting or watching Netflix. I’m a little nostalgic and enjoying “Friends”. I’m on the last episodes of season 5 right now…

So what is wrong with me you might wonder?! Well it’s not a regular cold after all… and neither the flu… a not so nice bacteria called “moraxella catharalis” have decided that my body is a perfect place to have some fun! 😞 I started with antibiotics last week and yes it has helped but I’m far from healthy still.

I seriously hate–yes that is a strong word but in this case oh so true–that my RA causes my immune system to be open for infections. It’s so easy for the silliest of bacillus to enjoy my body. 😢