February challenge


A few weeks ago I signed up for a 30 day Paleo challenge which starts tomorrow February 1st. This means I will omit grains, dairy, legumes, suger, and all processed food. 

As many of you know I’ve eaten paleo for quite some time but I’ve never been on a completely strict meal plan before. We did ate 80-90% paleo in the Fall of 2013 and during that time I had less pain in my joints so I thought it was time to go 100% paleo and why not do it together with others! I chose to do it with the help of Under vårt tak which is a Swedish blog I’ve followed for a long time and they also have a huge recipe bank. They provide a complete meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days. All I need to do is go grocery shopping! Yesterday I prepared for what meals to include during the upcoming week as most often I skip breakfast and I prefer to eat leftovers for lunch rather than prepare a new meal, at least on weekdays. The challenge also focus on water balance, exercise and sleeping/resting.

Today we went grocery shopping for week 1 but I also cleared out our pantry and refrigerator so a few shelves are “paleo friendly”. The other shelves are a no-no for the next 30 days!   


If you want to see my journey over the next month I suggest you follow me on Instagram! 😊