It’s green!

This past weekend we invited our family over in order to help out with fixing our lawn. We had bought 200 square meters of grass rolls and we figured it would be quicker to get it done if we had some help from our loved ones. A good thing with living so close to each other! 😊 

My parents came earlier and helped Mathias get rid off the weeds. I had done a tiny bit on Friday. First off I totally dislike yard work, always have… and secondly my hip still didn’t enjoy too much moving around. I managed to get rid of the weeds in the front section where I didn’t have to bend my legs but the rest I left for others to take care off. 

The rest of our family available to help out came around 10am and they started working. My chore of the day was to be the official photographer… 😉📸

How shall we do this? Every job starts with some discussions…
Lots of grass rolls! And we had one more pile not seen in this picture.
The first grass rolls on the ground!
Since we have a stone wall at the front some detailed cuting was needed.
Front yard finished!
The side of the yard was bigger plus that is has a slope so this one was trickier.
Hubby and his niece having fun carrying grass rolls.
The side yard is also finished! Now all we need to do is water, water, water…
Of course you need to treat your happy helpers with food! Hamburgers and chips!

It’s actually quite amazing to look out from the windows and see a green lawn. We’ve had rocks and dirt for two years now so this is a huge change! 

Thanks to everyone who helped out, we truly appreciate it! ❤️