Breakfast picnic

Since the weather is fantastic here in Stockholm right now we decided to go for a breakfast picnic this morning. I prepared as much as I could yesterday evening so all I had to do this morning was fixing the sandwiches and away we went.

We went to a part of our municipality called Garnsviken. It’s a lake connected to the ocean by a canal. The particular area of Garnsviken we went to is a popular swimming spot in the summer. 

Garnsviken is part of the old waterway used by the Vikings called LĂ„nghundraleden. The waterway used to go between the Baltic ocean and the old town of Uppsala. Nowadays it is not possible to travel this way by boat as there is not water all the way due to the land uplift. 

View of Garnsviken

The bathing platform

Nice view for breakfast

Of course I had to take a picture when I found wood anemones 😃

Morning has broken

It was too hot for a walk yesterday so I decided to go up early today and drive to Domarudden, our nearby nature reserve, and enjoy a 2,5 kilometer walk and picnic breakfast. It was not as sunny today as yesterday but still quite nice to be out and about. The good thing with being at Domarudden on a Sunday morning is that you basically got the place for yourself. Just a few other people there and after our walk we found a picnic bench right by the water. A great way to start the day!