Journey in the archipelago 

My parents and I went on a cruise through the Stockholm archipelago and to the island of Åland. We departed Stockholm at 6 pm on Tuesday evening and came back yesterday shortly before 4 pm.

We had warm and sunny weather and the archipelago was looking fantastic! If the weather is good I’m not sure there is a better place to be. 

We had booked one of the better rooms and it had a huge window towards the side of the ship. Just sitting there and looking out was quite calming not to mention waking up with that view. I think I slept with the best view ever! 😍 Wish I could wake up that way every morning.  

The most difficult part of the trip was probably the buffet on Tuesday evening. It was so much people and lots of noise so I had a hard time enjoying eating. It was a quite stressful setting. Some people really get loud and shameless when the have a good buffet in front of them. Next time I travel I will remember to book the later dinner slot.

I took plenty of gorgeous photos, here are a few…

Our cabin
Leaving Stockholm, here is the amusement park Gröna Lund
Car ferries by Oxdjupet
Sunset in the archipelago

I guess we’re going too slow as another cruise ship quickly passed by us.
Morning view from my bed! 😍

The outer Åland archipelago

View of Furusund from our cabin

View from the rear deck.

One of the longest cruise ships visiting the Stockholm area this summer.

Hello Stockholm! To the left is the old town.

Bus adventure

I’ve not written in quite some time because I’ve not felt good. I’m having major issues with fatigue and it’s gotten so bad that I’m currently on full-time medical leave from work. I always have some level of fatigue due to my rheumatoid arthirits but this is worse than it has ever been. I’m having problems with my concentration and my memory as well as having difficulties with too much noise. Just sitting on the bus or train makes me feel exhausted.

I’m trying to do some daily adventures in order to get out of the house. Yesterday I went to the gym for an appointment with my physiotherapist. Great time as usual and I’m feeling it in both arms and legs today 😉

As we are currently in the high peak of the pollen season I’m trying to limit being outdoors too much so today I decided to go on a bus ride to Ljusterö, which is a island part of the municipality where I leave. The bus ride also includes a trip on a car ferry. I went to the end station, looked around and went back on the bus before it left again (which were 15 minutes). A nice little journey and it kept me out of the house for 3 hours. When I came hope again I had to rest on the couch almost all afternoon. I can’t wait until I’m back to my normal self again but until then I’ll just have to enjoy my small adventures.

Here are some pictures from today…

The start of the journey – my bus stop
The car ferry
Linanäs – the end station
Back on the bus again, it was not so crowded at the beginning of the journey 🙂
Waiting to embark he ferry to take us back to the mainland.