Back in business

After almost four weeks being sick I’ve finally had an enjoyable weekend! Not only was it sunny and quite comfortable to be outside most of the time but I’ve also been able to be up and do things. Both yesterday and today I’ve taken a short walk, plus that we’ve managed to fix a few things around the house… Here are (parts of) our weekend in pictures:

Our weather station (indoor and outdoor) is finally up and working.
Our weather station (indoor and outdoor) is finally up and working.
Our numbers on the house is up! We couldn't do it earlier as the house wasn't painted and then it was too cold for a few months.
Our numbers on the house is up! We couldn’t do it earlier as the house wasn’t painted and then it was too cold for a few months.

I’ve also managed to do a little Spring/Easter decoration both outside and inside.

Easter bunnies and daffodils
Easter bunnies and daffodils
A must when Easter is near... "Påskris" (Easter tree) with colourful feathers.
A must when Easter is near… “Påskris” (Easter tree) with feathers. So far this is the only one in the house but I will add more within the next few weeks. I also will put up the witches and a eggs eventually.

And last, but certainly not least we’ve enjoyed BBQ in the sunshine. Today we ate sausage with buns.

All set of lunch. Unfortunately it was not as comfortable to sit outside as it looks because it was a little windy so right after we've eaten we went straight back inside.
All set of lunch. Unfortunately it was not as comfortable to sit outside as it looks because it was a little windy so right after we’ve eaten we went straight back inside.

Tomorrow I’m going back to work again. Finally!! I’m pretty sure the first few days will be a little rough but I’m so happy to finally be doing something useful again.

Santa tracker

When a was sick with a cold around a week ago I was doing some major app cleaning on my iPad. I deleted some I didn’t use and organized others. I still can’t find everything I want (thankfully it’s possible to search though!) but I’m sure I get used to it eventually.

One of the apps I do like is Night Sky 2. Obviously I couldn’t remove that one! With it I can see the stars, planets, satellites etc around our world and it follows my movement through the different directions. I can even see down south although that is not possible in real life. 🙂

The app offered an in-app purchase called “the santa tracker”. It was only 7 SEK (~1 US dollar) and I thought it sounded pretty neat–yeah I’ve heard Santa supposedly don’t exist! ;)– so I bought it. Shortly I will be able to follow his adventure around the world. Right now he’s working hard in the North Pole though! 🙂

Santa loading the gifts!
Santa loading the gifts!
Close up on Santa
Close up on Santa

Nerd grill

For two years our old Apple Mac Pro has been standing unused in our home office. Or maybe not totally unused… before we bought our nice chairs I actually used it as a chair. Yes you read it right, a chair! 🙂

As we couldn’t get it up and working we figured a special retirement of the once so useful and powerful computer was in order. Hubby had read online about people transforming their old Mac Pros to grills so he wanted to try to do the same.

First thing he had to do was to remove all the content so only the aluminum cover was left. Turned out to be quite a tedious job as it was put together very cleverly. Hidden screws and other things had my hubby and father working for almost 3 hours  (minus a little break for coffee and cake) disassembling the computer.



Eventually everything inside the computer was laying on the floor. It’s quite amazing to think that someone made all this different parts fit together so perfectly inside a “small” box.


We didn’t have any charcoal nor a suitable cooking grid that day but two days later it was finally time to try out our new nerd grill as we’ve nicknamed the newest member of our BBQ family.



The grill worked out great! Now we only need to find a better stand for it and we’ll be rocking our Apple Mac Pro BBQ for a long time!

New toy

I slept for 11 hours(!) tonight. Felt so good!! 🙂 I actually felt very well rested for the first time in quite awhile. I still got a stuffy noise (can’t live without nasal spray) and cough. It’s much better than it has been but I can’t wait for feeling all well again!

I decided to skip tonight’s birthday party for my sister-in-law (she turned 40 a few weeks ago) and last weekend I missed the family birthday dinner too. I’m quite annoyed but not much to do about it. I need to take care off myself right now.

We did go for a little adventure to the shopping mall today. I wanted to get a new iPad at the Apple store. I’ve had the normal sized iPad for several years now and even bought the newer version last Spring. I’ve realized I don’t use it as much due to my fingers/hands issues (due to my RA). It’s not super heavy, weight only ~600 grams, but it’s been enough for me holding it for a short while and having stiff joints afterwards. So what to do as I do like using it? Well, luckily for me Apple was kind enough to release a iPad Mini (weight ~300 grams) so today I finally purchased it! I also got a turquoise cover just as I had with my old iPad.


It took a while to restore everything from my old iPad, but finally I could play around and have fun with it! Now I’m resting in the sofa with a blanket and my new iPad mini!


My goal for tonight is to find a digital travelers guide for Tenerife which we’ll visit next month. Can’t wait for a little warmer weather. My favorite when it comes to traveling books “Top 10…” don’t have a Tenerife version so now I need to find something else.

Back in business


After two weeks being sick it was finally time to go back to Linköping again. Mathias drove me here yesterday already so I didn’t have to wake up early today to catch the train. Instead I managed to sleep longer, almost an hour!

I was lazy and took a taxi both to and from work. I felt like I didn’t have the energy to walk the 1,5km to the bus station. I also didn’t have a bus pass as it expired Friday so I couldn’t take the bus home either. Tomorrow it’s back to normal bus commuter life though! I’m hoping I’ll manage to walk and don’t have to cheat on my way home and take a second bus. I like the walk but I need to have the energy to do it and I don’t want to overdo it just yet as I’m still not feeling good.

Half of the day today I just sorted through all my emails! =) When I left today my inbox was nicely organized again. Just as I want it to be! I went home 2 hours earlier as I felt so tired I couldn’t be useful. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a little easier…

When I came home I quickly checked my apartment for the new upgrades which where installed today. The company I rent my corporate apartment from sent me an email last week informing me that they would do some upgrades. I now got more TV channels (not that I need that as I rarely watch anyway), faster Internet including a new wifi router (the old one I purchased myself as I can’t live without wifi, so many things I just have to connect! 🙂 ) and a very useful iPod/iPhone music player. That one I’m gonna use for sure!! 🙂


Blogroll update

For those of you that follow my blog through RSS or email might not know that I have a blogroll on my blog. I’m quite lazy when it comes to updating it but today I’ve finally done it as I got two new blogs that I follow regularly and thought I should share.

  •  Strawberryquicksand – a penpal of mine from Australia. She shares stories happening in her life and I know you’ll enjoy the read if you decide to take a peak. This is the first of my blogroll that are in English
  • Vivi’s dagbok – a friend I’ve met through a Facebook group for people with rheumatic diseases. Both of us have RA. She’s become a great friend of mine and just like me she writes about things happening in her life including RA. The blog is in Swedish!



Rain, rain, rain

It has been boring weather all day long! No sunny Fall day at all which I had hoped for in order to do some geocaching here in Linköping. Instead we went to a museum showing (among other things) the history of computers. They also had a few you could try out.



Next we walked in the rain the 0,5 km to the city centre where we ate lunch, bought an umbrella for Mathias (I have a rain proof Fall jacket, he hasn’t!) and then did a little shopping. We found a wireless router and when we got back to the apartment we set it up so all my “techie toys” are now hooked up the Internet. Yippee! 🙂