Road trip: Day 12


Jönköping (A) experienced a bad thunder storm overnight/this morning. Not only was part of the city flooded, my joints did not like it either… I woke up with pain and it just got worse and worse. Not even a hot shower helped! I wanted to stay in bed but obviously couldn’t do that… had to eat breakfast and check out.

We started driving along the western side of Lake Vättern. In Hjo (B) my father-in-law wanted to take a walk in the city park and my hubby joined him. I sat in the car… while waiting I read the newspaper online and saw that the highway in Jönköping had been flooded and was closed! Perfect that we decided on the other route around the lake as we had no issues at all!

My hurting joint didn’t give in (even with the two painkillers I took in the morning). It hurt so bad that I was nauseous and really wished I was somewhere else than in a car. Eventually hubby convinced me to take a 1/2 cortisone pill in addition to what I already took in the morning. I really don’t like that I needed to raise the dosage but I just have to get used to it I suppose. My joints, the weather and the cortisone dose don’t cooperate all the time. 😢 I need to stop being so stubborn in regards to my cortisone pills.

Thankfully the grey and colder weather have disappeared when we drove from Jönköping and the more north we got the warmer it got. When we arrived in Linköping (C) it wasn’t as many joints hurting anymore and I could enjoy a nice lunch at my favorite sushi place!


From Linköping we drove directly to Stockholm (D), left my father-in-law at the train station before heading home. Now we have unpacked a little, gone grocery shopping, and eaten grilled chicken and potato salad on the balcony. While sitting on the balcony a familiar sound appeared which made my look up trying to find a hot air balloon. It showed up right above our next door condo building.


I’m not completely without pain still but it’s much better now. I really dislike thunder storms! It make my joints hurt so bad! 😡 Only positive thing is that a thunder storm passes quickly so that means only a few hours feeling bad compared to days with a regular rain storm.

Heat is back!

I’ve had a miserable week in regards to my RA. Monday I started lowering my cortisone dose with 1/4 of a pill. At first I barely felt anything more than an extreme stiffness in the joints and a few hurting joints. Thursday (when it got cloudy and rainy) I woke up with lots of pain and barely wanted to get out of bed. Of course I did… I know this disease so well now and being active doing things and not just sit/lay still is the trick. Because of the tiredness that comes with the RA and the fact that lowering the cortisone dose makes the joint more active I’m currently feeling just as tired as I’m usually only am during the winter time. Today the summer heat came back and in the afternoon my joints started to feel better.

On our way out to my parents I decided to stop at the shopping mall and buy some presents for myself in order to cheer up my mood a bit. I got a new cover for the iPad and case for my iPhone, both in the cheering color of pink.


Hubby had promised my parents to help with painting the white rim on the house. While he was doing that my brother cleaned our car. I sat in the car keeping my brother company.



I’m hoping the heat continues on now as my joints are much more cooperative during warm days than when the weather is unstable.

Messy sidewalks

It surprises me how different property owners handle their sidewalks. The big snow storm was two weeks ago and when I returned to Linköping this weekend I figured the sidewalks would be shoveled nicely. Well most are… but some clearly don’t care about pedestrians, or the fact that their company could get sued if someone falls and get hurt.

When I walk to the bus station in the morning (a 15 minute walk) most of the sidewalks look something like this:


And when I reach the next block on the same road it looks like this:


The block after that is nice and clean again! I wish I could just fly over the messy sidewalk! I get muscle soreness just thinking about it. 😉

Winter is here!

Winter has arrived big time! It’s a fantastic winter wonderland outside!

Waiting for the bus this evening was not much fun though… had to wait 45 minutes before a bus finally arrived. Took a picture in order to have something to do…


When the bus finally arrived I was quite surprised to notice that it had Christmas decorations everywhere. Never seen a decorated bus before! 🙂



Blown away

We’ve had a very lazy day today. Did not eat breakfast until 9.30 am. Clearly having breakfast that late is very popular. It’s never been so many people during the previous days (we’ve eaten around 8-8.30 then). We had some issues finding a table but luckily one of the ushers came and helped us. I think I like eating around 8 instead. Lucky for us that we have excursions planned the next two days so we have to eat early.

Today has been a very lazy day. We’ve spent most of it on the balcony with a few hours at the beach bar where we ate lunch and enjoyed the ocean views. It has been VERY windy today so every now and then we had hide in the hotel room.

We have a small tree right outside our balcony (or should I call it a porch as we are on the first level!?) and when the wind blow as hardest it looked like the tree wanted to hide. 🙂

Now we’re sitting in the main hotel bar enjoying drinks. A perfect place to be in not only because the serve drinks but also as it’s one of the few places where the free wifi is strong enough (most of the time. Sometimes it’s so slow that nothing happens at all). In the hotel room we aren’t able to connect at all (even though the charter company claimed we would) and from our balcony it’s like flipping a coin.



Countdown to Crete

Originally we didn’t have any plans on going on a trip during our summer vacation but due to my RA issues this summer we decided to go somewhere anyway.

As I’m without an assignment right now I asked my manager for two weeks of unpaid vacation which she accepted. The original plan was for me to go somewhere without Mathias for the first two weeks until his vacation started but finally it was decided that he’d take one extra week of vacation and we take a trip together. So, the originally planned 2 weeks of vacation will now instead be 4 weeks for me and 3 weeks for Mathias!

After two days of research we finally booked a trip last night through Fritidsresor. We will go to Crete and Hotel Aquila Elounda Village. Fritidsresor’s page for the hotel can be found here.

On July 25th we’ll fly away… can’t wait! Normally I don’t complain about the weather but seriously this summer has had a little too much bad weather for me and my joints! I’m planning to lower my dosage of cortisone again right before we leave, that way I might not have so much pain and stiffness the first week as we’ll be in a warm place.