Thanks and Goodbye!

I have decided it is time to discontinue with this blog. It has been long overdue as I rarely write in it nowadays. I started the blog as a way to communicate with our family on what we were up to when we lived in the US. When we moved back home to Sweden I thought it would be fun to write for our friends in the US. I enjoy writing so it was never hard to find things to write about but as I share highlights from my life on Instagram and/or Facebook the blog has started to become obsolete. No fun to write about things most people have already heard of.

Of course I also have followers of the blog that are not connected to me on either of those platforms and for you I’m happy to report I’m not going to discontinue writing though..¬†I have created another blog where the main focus will be more health related (nutrition, fitness and my RA) and I hope that you are interested and will follow me there instead. ūüôā My new blog is called Fit for RA.

So, after 1034 posts I say, Thank you and Goodbye! ūüôā

Culinary highlights

I’m still on medical leave due to my fatigue. I’ve not worked for 7 weeks now and I will continue to be on medical leave for at least 3 more weeks. I was told by my doctor this week that as long as I have difficulties with my concentration and memory I’m not allowed to go back to work. So, I have to find other fun things to occupy my time with… one of them is food! Preferably food without dairy/lactose and grain but on some occasions I do allow myself to eat even those ingredients. If you follow my Instagram you know that I post a lot of images of different food creations, both things I make on my own but also meals that my hubby and I plan and prepare together. Those are actually my favourite moments… cooking together and enjoying a good meal is priceless.

The past weeks we’ve prepared lots of yummy food and as I don’t have anything else fun to write about right now I thought I would share some images of our fantastic dinners. ūüôā

Whole chicken on the bbq. First time we tried the rotisserie function.
Thai Chicken with broccoli in the making. Fun to use our wok pan for the bbq to make some new dishes that we normally make on the stove. 


Entrecote and burning rosemary on the bbq


Fried mackerel rum on crisp bread, topped with fresh chives
Stuffed mackerel on the bbq. 
Gluten free pizza with beef tenderloin. Served with bearnaise sause (not shown).
Broccoli and salad drizzled with a lemon and parmesan mixture and grilled chicken thighs. 
Oh and a sandwich cake made by my mother-in-law and myself. 

Brunch with a view

For the first time in ages we went to Kakn√§stornet last weekend¬†in order to eat brunch with friends. Luckily we got a¬†message from them while we were in the car informing us that it was a bike race in town so our original plan of driving all the way to the place quickly had to change. We parked the car in the area where we lived before we moved to our house. In order to arrive at the restaurant quicker we decided to take a taxi as far as we could and then walk the rest of the way. The walking turned in to quite the adventure as we had to find paths in the woods. Finally we arrived at Kakn√§stornet and enjoyed a great brunch with fantastic views! On our way back–we took a better route than through the woods this time–we passed through when the elite bikers rushed through a roundabout.

Walking in the woods.
Walking in the woods.
Part of the brunch table
Part of the brunch table
View towards Stockholm
View towards Stockholm
Kaknästornet - the second tallest building in Sweden (and Scandinavia)
Kaknästornet Рthe second tallest building in Sweden (and Scandinavia)
Watch out!!
Watch out!!


For the past two weeks we’ve been on vacation. There are two words which can describe this period: hard work and illness.

My father, brother and hubby have worked with our new patio. They have done major progress but we are still far from being finished. In total the patio will be ~100 square meters.





My hubby has also started painting the garage! The house we’ll have professional painters do but he decided to save some money and paint the garage by himself. My father-in-law has joined in a few days doing some painting as well. The front of the garage is all finished and looking so great with the olive green color!



On the first day of our vacation I went to the hospital for my second infusion of Mabthera. The actual treatment went very well and I did not experience any side effects. Afterwards I did get tired but it was not as extreme as after the first infusion. I did rest a lot during the first few days. I also noticed a little nausea which turned to the worse 3 days after the hospital visit. I could barely eat anything except banana and crackers. After a few days with this and feeling extra crappy after eating breakfast and taking my morning meds and figured that maybe it wasn’t only Mabthera to blame but also my other new RA pill–this medicine is called Imurel–I’ve been taking for the past month. I was expecting a phone call from the hospital to hear back on my blood work because Imurel has been playing yo-yo with my liver and when the doctor finally called I was told to stop with Imurel. Not only was the blood result not good in regards to my liver but she said that it was most likely to blame for my stomach issues too. So, no Imurel for two weeks and then new blood work again. For the past three days I’ve been feeling much better! I only wish I’d felt like this during the whole vacation!

During the periods when I haven’t felt like crap my mother and I was baking on the grill! We’ve tried it three different times of sponge cake and baked oat crumpets. Major success! I’ll write a post soon about our new fantastic grill: Big green egg!


Tomorrow it’s back to work again! Our vacation might be over but we still have plenty of more weeks to enjoy the Swedish summer!

Saucy dinners

The past two weeks we’ve tried plenty of new recipes. We’ve found some we love and some (well, at least one) we’ll never do again. A few days ago we tried grilling parsnip. Wow! That won’t be the last time for sure.

As a Paleo diet means eating unprocessed food I have for the first time made my own pesto instead of buying. I found a recipe called paleo pesto¬†on the website Unfortunately I couldn’t make it 100% paleo as it was totally impossible to find the ingredient coconut aminos. First I tried researching online because I just didn’t know what it was. I read that the best bet was to try to find it in health stores. Well, after visiting six places I just decided to ignore it. Apparently it’s possible to order online from the UK so I’ll do that but until I have it at home I’ll just used the regular soy sauce. Or maybe try to make my own paleo approved soy sauce instead?

Well, the paleo pesto was very easy to make, just put all ingredients into the mixer and voila you got a very tasty pesto!

All ingredients (basil, pumpkin seeds, cashews, soy sauce and olive oil) ready to be mixed.
All ingredients (basil, pumpkin seeds, cashews, soy sauce and olive oil) ready to be mixed.
Ready to be served.
Ready to be served.

Another meal asked for an¬†almond thai sauce. This recipe was also found on but here I made a regular chicken salad instead of chicken wrap. One of the best homemade thai sauces I’ve ever made!

Chicken salad with almond thai sauce.
Chicken salad with almond thai sauce.

What interesting dinners will we eat next week? It’s so much fun to prepare the week’s menu. I enjoyed it even before we changed our eating habits but now with all the new recipes it’s even more fun.

All I know is that this paleo thingy clearly works wonders. I’ve lost a little over 2 kilos the first week. I suppose it works a little too well as loosing to much weight each week is not healthy either so not being good all the time is the perfect solution. ūüôā

Movie time


We’ve had a movie weekend. Yesterday evening we saw Les Miserables and today The Hobbit.

I was quite disappointed with the Les Mis movie. The acting was good as well as the costumes and filming but the singing was not up to the standards of what you expect of a Les Mis production. I’ve read so many great reviews of this movie but I’m sorry this was far from what it could have been. ūüė¶

The Hobbit was just as expected though. Peter Jackson has once again done a fantastic production. It was nice to be back in the Shire again! Now I just have to wait for the next movie(s)… last one will be released in 2014! It’s quite interesting that the managed to make three movies of ONE book when The Lord of the Rings, which is three books, “only” became three films.

After the movie today we went to Link√∂ping Cathedral. I’ve never been there before and I got plenty of great photos I’ll turn into a blogpost some other day.

Before going back home we went for dinner at a sushi place a co-worker recommended to me last week. Best sushi I’ve eaten in a long time! Now my favorite sushi places are in Link√∂ping and Funchal, Madeira. At least one of them is fairly close to Stockholm! ūüėČ