Spring cleaning

Spring is finally here! Wood anemones, cherry blossoms, birch pollen and warmer weather! Some things I enjoy more than others! 😉

Today we’ve helping my parents with a little spring cleaning. Or, to be more exact, hubby has while I’ve been sitting by the water enjoying life and documenting progress. For lunch we enjoyed the obligatory grilled sausages.







Dinner x 3

We’ve had a quite relaxing weekend even though we’ve spent several hours doing some last finish touch-up painting job before selling our apartment. Actually, to be more exact, my hubby has done most of the work as I’m still having issues with my hip after the cortisone shot a few days ago.

Yesterday we had a nice evening with my brother.  We BBQ’d and watched the finale of the Swedish selection to the Eurovision Song Contest. Love the song which won!! 🙂 Sanna Nielsen with the song Undo! For dinner my hubby grilled a char stuffed with lemon and dill. I made a roe sauce and we also grilled potato. As my brother don’t eat fish he enjoyed a steak. I’m sure we had a far better dining experience! 😉 The char was so big that we’ve now enjoyed it for three different meals… dinner, breakfast and lunch!

The char on the grill.
The char on the grill.
Cold char and roe sauce on crisp bread for breakfast today.
Cold char and roe sauce on crisp bread for breakfast today.
Cold char with roe sauce on a bed of baby spinach.
Cold char with roe sauce on a bed of baby spinach.

Birthday party

Yesterday it was time for our birthday celebration of my hubby. We had invited the whole family to late lunch/early dinner at my parents place and the weather was very cooperative. Sunny and warm, around 27 degrees C. Perfect time to be by the water as its a little bit cooler there.

Hubby had decided to grill a whole rib eye (almost 2 kilos). He marinated/covered it with a herb coating and used basil, tarragon, oregano, flat leafed parsley, rosemary and thyme. We served the meat with a homemade potato salad plus a green salad.



For dessert I’d made cupcakes. I did two versions: one with licorice and a lemon and licorice topping and the other with crushed chocolate and a raspberry and sugar paste flower topping. Both versions turned out great! As hubby is a major licorice fan it was fun to make treat especially for him. I’m the chocolate lover! 😄


Heat is back!

I’ve had a miserable week in regards to my RA. Monday I started lowering my cortisone dose with 1/4 of a pill. At first I barely felt anything more than an extreme stiffness in the joints and a few hurting joints. Thursday (when it got cloudy and rainy) I woke up with lots of pain and barely wanted to get out of bed. Of course I did… I know this disease so well now and being active doing things and not just sit/lay still is the trick. Because of the tiredness that comes with the RA and the fact that lowering the cortisone dose makes the joint more active I’m currently feeling just as tired as I’m usually only am during the winter time. Today the summer heat came back and in the afternoon my joints started to feel better.

On our way out to my parents I decided to stop at the shopping mall and buy some presents for myself in order to cheer up my mood a bit. I got a new cover for the iPad and case for my iPhone, both in the cheering color of pink.


Hubby had promised my parents to help with painting the white rim on the house. While he was doing that my brother cleaned our car. I sat in the car keeping my brother company.



I’m hoping the heat continues on now as my joints are much more cooperative during warm days than when the weather is unstable.

Happy Midsummer!

As always on Midsummer eve we’ve spent it at my parents. Good food, good company and mostly good weather… A few too many hurting joints but I’ve enjoyed the day anyway with a few naps in the sofa.

The celebration started with pickled herring for lunch. I made three types, one of which I’ve never tried before. For dinner we ate BBQ and for afternoon coffee and dessert after dinner we ate my mom’s traditional Midsummer cake – the highlight of Midsummer!


We always sleep over as well and I’m hoping I’ll wake up to a beautiful sunny summer morning tomorrow so I can enjoy breakfast outdoors.

Sweden’s National Day


Today we’ve celebrated Sweden’s national day. As our planned dinner for tonight was BBQ ribs we went out to my parents before lunch in order to prepare the meat. When the ribs were on the grill we ate a lunch consisting of grapefruit and cottage cheese. A perfect lunch for a warm day!


The afternoon we spent on the porch enjoying the sunshine. After 4 hours on the BBQ it was finally time to serve dinner and later on cupcakes for dessert.



Perfect day!