Late arrival

Right after I arrived back to Stockholm yesterday (around 4 pm) we were off for our weekend adventure, a hotel stay at Quality Spa and Resort Dalecarlia in Tällberg in the province of Dalarna. It’s a 3,5 hour drive northwest of Stockholm.

When we left Stockholm it was -11 C outside and when we arrived in Tällberg it was -20 C. It was dark outside so hard to see the wonderful scenery but in the lights from the car we saw the beautiful trees dressed in white sparkling snow.

We arrived around 8.30 pm, checked in and went straight to the restaurant. The package we got included a 3 course dinner (both nights) but I skipped the dessert. I ate two fantastic courses, for appetizer a moose tartar and for dinner char (röding).



The hotel has had a major remodel (inside) during the fall which I’ve “followed” on their Facebook page so it was fun to see the difference. The hotel room actually even smelled “new”. I liked the rooms before but now it’s prettier and so stylish inside. And the beds were fantastic! Wish I had one of those at home! 🙂


Inside the room a bar of chocolate (never heard of this chocolate before but it was in a nice tin container) was waiting for us with a note saying “we like that you like us on Facebook”. 🙂


Fish pedicure

For Christmas we gave our mothers a fish pedicure and today they, and I, went for this special treatment.

The company, Fiskpedikyren, offers different packages and I had booked the basic treatment including massage after the fish pedicure.

First we got our feet washed, then we sat for 10-minutes in a foot bath at which time we could pick the type of lotion to use after the pedicure. The table was filled with different scents of lotions and finally I picked one with pink grapefruit.


Next it was time to let the fishies do their magic!



It felt a little strange at first having the fish around your feet and I have to say this is no treatment for anyone that is sensitive because it does tickle a little bit! We sat for around 30 minutes before it was time for our massages. Afterwards the feet feels very soft and smooth! I’ll definitely do it again! To anyone wanting to try a new type of pedicure I say go for it! 🙂

This place offered private rooms and no matter the size of the group you will get the room by yourself. They had two tanks with ~700 fishes in each and you can sit 3 around each tank. They do offer packages for larger groups as well. Check out their website for the different types of treatments and group sizes.

Semla Spa – Checking out…

I woke up early today because I wanted to take another swim before it was time to check out. At 7:20 am we went into the pool area and spent 45 minutes there. I swam some laps around the pool and also spent time in the nice hot jacuzzi. It was the perfect ending at the spa! Next we went for breakfast before checking out shortly before 10am.

Our first stop on our journey back to Stockholm was Rottneros Park.




Next was Mårbacka, the home of the famous author Selma Lagerlöf.


After that we drove back to Stockholm with a short stop at Våtsjön for a late lunch/early dinner. We drove my parents to Svinninge, stayed for approx 1 hour before driving home. Now we've unpacked and are soon going to bed so we'll wake up early tomorrow morning for our next excursion…

Selma Spa – day 2

We woke up at 8am today and went to breakfast and then my mother and I headed for our spa treatments. I started out with what was called a "relaxing pod". You sit in a little "box" where you pick a theme, I chose Ocean, and then you have sound, light and scent that correspond with the chosen theme while the massage chair worked its magic.


This relaxing pod was not as relaxing as I thought though! First off, the scent oil they put into machine before turning it on was quite strong and didn't smell anything like an ocean. The massage chair was also quite uncomfortable when it massaged my back. The lower back was OK but when it massaged higher up it didn't feel good at all! I really had to work hard on staying relaxed and not move my body.

My next spa treatment were coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows. I've done coloring of my lashes before but it was fun to do the eyebrows too. It was a little weird to see my brows after as they now are light brown compared to wait I have naturally. This is a close up of me after the treatment.


In the afternoon we drove to Ski Sunne where we ate a late lunch at a cabin on the top called Toppstugan. They served waffles! Here are some pictures:



Back in Sunne we went to the town church:


The evening we first spent at Hotel Selma Lagerlöf were we ate a BBQ buffet. Unfortunatly for me both the potato dish and the salad had bell peppers in them so I couldn't eat much except the meat and bread from the buffet table. I did get another type of potato though which was nice of them! Overall, I have to say that for a buffet table I think it was pretty weak when it came to choices… but our stomachs got happy and full anyway!


The next part of the evening were spent in the pool area of the hotel! We swam in the indoor pool and tried all 4 our their different jacuzzis. Before bedtime we had a little quiet time in the lounge area again.

Otherwise I can't say it's very quiet here! 😦 Both yesterday and today they've had concerts on the opposite side of the road and they start at 10:30pm which means that it's an annoying sound until midnight the earliest. Unfortunately today it's even louder than it was yesterday! If I'd known they had these concerts before doing our reservation I would not have chosen this weekend. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't inform me of this when I made the reservation… 

Selma Spa – day 1

Today started with going to the hospital in order to get cortisone shots. I got one in my left ankle and another in my left index finger. It was nothing wrong with the joints but rather the tendon sheaths. I've had cortisone shots in both of these locations before but I tend to forget how much it really hurts, especially to get it in the finger! As soon as I was done I took two pain killers before doing anything else. I've survived on pain killers today! I'm sure tomorrow will be much better! 🙂

After visiting my father-in-law for a quick lunch we went to pick up my mother and then my father–he was at work–then we headed towards Selma Spa in Sunne, a 4,5 hour drive from Stockholm. We stopped at a restaurant just outside of Kristinehamn for dinner:


We arrived in Sunne around 7:45PM. This is how nice our the hotel room is:


Next we went down to the lobby where they have a lounge that offers coffee, drinks, and light snacks/dinner. We took the first choice and after a while everyone except me decided to take a swim in the pool. I have to wait until tomorrow as I'm not allowed to get wet where I got my cortisone shots. After the pool experience (me sitting in a very relaxing chair outside the pool area) we went back to the lounge and enjoyed beer and snacks before going to sleep. (Although "the boys" decided to take an evening walk before going to bed)


The pool area looks so nice and I'm looking forward to be able to take a swim tomorrow afternoon/evening. They have one indoor pool (partially shown below), an outdoor pool and several jacuzzis.