Shopping with the guys

My husband and brother have been very eager for the release of Apple Watch here in Sweden and yesterday after work we went to the Apple Store in Täby. Turned out that it was necessary to reserve an appointment in order to try the watch so they had no luck yesterday. My brother managed to get a time right at opening of the shopping mall today instead. So, today I went shopping with the guys… 

First off, of course, the Apple Store… We were not alone waiting for them to open 😉 


 Next, Hugo Boss…

And, when shopping with the guys a visit to the car shop was necessary…  

I have to admit I did take a quick visit in the Sephora store while the guys went towards one of the other stores. I’m not complaining though, most often I think they are bored with me because of all the stores I want to visit. Lucky for them my joints did not cooperate with me today so I was not up for a “true” shopping mall visit. 

Shopping Heaven

The shopping mall in Täby has now opened up an new area. It’s 14k more space and in total 60 new stores! Seriously, it was good before and now it’s even more fantastic! All of my favorite stores are now located in one place, under one roof! Lush, Sephora, Saint Tropez and not to forget Apple store (three of these are in the old area and have been there for a little while though). And, in 2014 it will apparently open up another new area of the mall. =) I think it’s possible to get lost there soon.

I went there on the first day of the extended opening weekend. Boy was it A LOT of people. I was smart enough to not stand in the loooooong line of one of the entrances to the new area (they gave out goodie bags to the first 1000 people) but instead I walked to one of the side entrances and calmly waited for 12pm at which time the “door” would be opened. When I had walked across both of new floors, plus shopped in two stores there were still people waiting in the long line at the first entrance. Seriously, why did they do that!? Clearly the first 1000 people that would receive a goodie bag had already passed and gone. My only conclusion is that Swedes love to stand in line. 🙂

The new shopping "street".
The new shopping “street”.
The "open fire" (no real fire at all, just looks like it) in one of the lounge areas.
The “open fire” (no real fire at all, just looks like it) in one of the lounge areas.

Me time

I’m still having major issues with my hip. It just don’t want to cooperate with me. I’m not able to do my regular walks and some nights I can barely sleep because it hurts so bad no matter how I try to lay down. I’m quite annoyed… neither my Simponi shot last week nor a higher dose of cortisone pills seems to help. It’s clearly time to call my rheumatologist tomorrow to see if they can do anything. I want my normal “all-is-well” hip back again!! 😢

So when feeling poorly why not spoil yourself with a little “take-care-of-myself” moment!

Started the day with an extra long sleep-in (hubby left early for his allergy shot appointment and meeting with co-workers), next I went for a massage. First time I went to this particular place which I got recommended from a friend. Best massage ever! Really looking forward to next time already! I’ve been hurting a little in my back and neck the past two days but so worth it!

After that I enjoyed a little shopping and a quick lunch before going to the nail salon. Time to change the look. The gel polish from my previous appointment (before going on vacation) was removed and I chose a new baby blue color with a little glitter on two of the nails. Loving the color!


Perfect beginning to my last week of vacation! Actually would be a perfect start to any week… 😉

Heat is back!

I’ve had a miserable week in regards to my RA. Monday I started lowering my cortisone dose with 1/4 of a pill. At first I barely felt anything more than an extreme stiffness in the joints and a few hurting joints. Thursday (when it got cloudy and rainy) I woke up with lots of pain and barely wanted to get out of bed. Of course I did… I know this disease so well now and being active doing things and not just sit/lay still is the trick. Because of the tiredness that comes with the RA and the fact that lowering the cortisone dose makes the joint more active I’m currently feeling just as tired as I’m usually only am during the winter time. Today the summer heat came back and in the afternoon my joints started to feel better.

On our way out to my parents I decided to stop at the shopping mall and buy some presents for myself in order to cheer up my mood a bit. I got a new cover for the iPad and case for my iPhone, both in the cheering color of pink.


Hubby had promised my parents to help with painting the white rim on the house. While he was doing that my brother cleaned our car. I sat in the car keeping my brother company.



I’m hoping the heat continues on now as my joints are much more cooperative during warm days than when the weather is unstable.

Diet changes

I have decided to try to change my diet. Almost two years ago I tried a gluten free diet in order to help my RA. That time I didn’t feel it helped me at all. Maybe I weren’t patient enough? I ate gluten free for 3 months but I’ve seen lots of articles that it can take “many months” for a diet to really work. A little hard to know exactly what that means but probably more than 3!?

I do believe that controlling the diet is a good way to limit the amount of medication needed. If this will help me get rid of (at least) the cortisone pills and pain killers it’s definitely worth it. I’ve read online that 6 of 10 people will feel better by changing the diet so I’ll give it another go. I’m not ready to go as far as the gluten free vegan diet suggested in many articles as a approach against rheumatism. I’ll start slowly…

I figured I’d try another approach this time though. I’ll try a lactose free diet as well as skip eating all types of red meat. That’s a tough one as I love ribs, lamb, moose etc! If it is a super special occasion I might cheat a little but generally I’ll try not too.

If needed I will extend the diet to include gluten free food as well. Time will tell…

Today I bought my first lactose free items at the grocery store. I even tried a lactose free ice cream from GB Glace. A little boring with so few ice cream choices to pick between but I’ll get use to it I’m sure.



Out and about in Linköping

Mathias has joined me in Linköping this weekend and today we’ve been out and about. We started the day with a little shopping. Next we enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Kikkosan.


I’m gonna miss this sushi place when it’s time to leave Linköping. Their sushi is by far the best I’ve ever eaten!

In the afternoon we went to Gamla (Old) Linköping. Mathias has never been there before. I had hoped for a sunny day there but as always when Mathias visits Linköping the weather is grey and boring. At least no rain today so I’m happy for that!


As it was quite cold outside we decided to go on a bus ride and explore a new part of town. Not particularly exciting but at least we got away from the cold.

We ended our Saturday with dinner at Aioli Tapasbar. First time we’ve been there and it turned into another fantastic meal today!!


Easter Sunday

Despite losing one hour today–daylight saving time started today–we’ve managed to do a lot!

After breakfast today I decided to dig in and get started going through some of the boxes in the attic. Mathias went up two times and in total I went through around 10 boxes. Some items get thrown out, others I will give to charity while others will be sold online. The stuff to keep got put back into nice huge plastic bins on wheels. Much better than the old moving boxes we’ve stored everything in earlier. Now there are a few boxes left to organize in the attic and then it will be easy to find things. My major headache right now is if I should keep two of the old-style chairs my grandma gave me 15-20 years ago.


After our little attic spring cleaning it was time for the major event of our Easter Sunday: brunch at Bockholmen.



Yummy as always!!

After our brunch we didn’t want to go home so we decided to drive somewhere. We had no idea where to go so we just pointed the car in the northwestern direction and figured we’d see something fun. Eventually we came to a sign stating “Bro Hofs castle”. As I love castles we decided to go there as we never heard of it before. Turned out it was a golf club.


Next stop was the town of Sigtuna where we walked in the old medieval town and sat in the sun during a little coffee break.




On our way home we stopped by a store to buy a waffle maker–found one which allows us to make two at a time–so we could make dinner. It was “waffle day” earlier this week and we thought it was time to finally be able to eat it at home. Ate it with whipped cream and homemade blueberry jam.