Saucy dinners

The past two weeks we’ve tried plenty of new recipes. We’ve found some we love and some (well, at least one) we’ll never do again. A few days ago we tried grilling parsnip. Wow! That won’t be the last time for sure.

As a Paleo diet means eating unprocessed food I have for the first time made my own pesto instead of buying. I found a recipe called paleo pesto on the website Unfortunately I couldn’t make it 100% paleo as it was totally impossible to find the ingredient coconut aminos. First I tried researching online because I just didn’t know what it was. I read that the best bet was to try to find it in health stores. Well, after visiting six places I just decided to ignore it. Apparently it’s possible to order online from the UK so I’ll do that but until I have it at home I’ll just used the regular soy sauce. Or maybe try to make my own paleo approved soy sauce instead?

Well, the paleo pesto was very easy to make, just put all ingredients into the mixer and voila you got a very tasty pesto!

All ingredients (basil, pumpkin seeds, cashews, soy sauce and olive oil) ready to be mixed.
All ingredients (basil, pumpkin seeds, cashews, soy sauce and olive oil) ready to be mixed.
Ready to be served.
Ready to be served.

Another meal asked for an almond thai sauce. This recipe was also found on but here I made a regular chicken salad instead of chicken wrap. One of the best homemade thai sauces I’ve ever made!

Chicken salad with almond thai sauce.
Chicken salad with almond thai sauce.

What interesting dinners will we eat next week? It’s so much fun to prepare the week’s menu. I enjoyed it even before we changed our eating habits but now with all the new recipes it’s even more fun.

All I know is that this paleo thingy clearly works wonders. I’ve lost a little over 2 kilos the first week. I suppose it works a little too well as loosing to much weight each week is not healthy either so not being good all the time is the perfect solution. 🙂

Chocolate balls

I think it’s about time to post a recipe on my blog again. This recipe is perfect if you want to make a simple “candy” and be done in around 20 minutes… It’s quick, easy and most importantly very yummy!

Chocolate balls


100 gram butter
1 tbs cocoa powder
4 tbs sugar
3 dl oatmeal
1 tbs water

Mix everything (by hand or with a hand mixer). Roll into small balls (this recipe makes around 20).

Spread out coconut flakes, sprinkles or pearl sugar (pictured) on a plate and roll the small chocolate balls in it. Put in the refrigerator before serving.

Enjoy! 🙂

Cucumber goodies

I love cucumber! I can eat it as it is, in a salad or even better as follows:

Cut up pieces of a cucumber. Carve out the seeds. Garnish with chive creme cheese and a few pieces of freshly cut chives on top. Sometimes I make my own creme cheese mix where I buy a natural version and mix it with fresh herbs. Your choices are endless!

Voila! Now you have a nice cucumber dish to be served as snacks, appetizer or with your dinner!


Chocolate party


Tonight I’ve had a fabulous evening with two friends I’ve met through work. One of them is a former co-worker and the other will be as if Thursday. 😦

First we ate sushi and after it was time for the highlight of the evening, a toblerone fondue. Extremely yummy!! Boil 1dl (~1/2 cup) of cream and add 200 grams of toblerone or chocolate. Whisk until smooth, put in the “fondue bowl” and enjoy!

Apple pie

I just had to write a post about the apple pie we made tonight. Wow it was yummy! I recommend everyone to try this recipe even if you don't require gluten free food!! I googled for gluten free crumble pie (smulpaj in Swedish) and this recipe came up first. I didn't even read any other versions. The recipe can be found here, but as it's in Swedish only here is a quick translation to English:

1,5 dl gluten free flour mix
1,5 dl oat
1,5 dl sugar
125 gram butter
3-4 dl berries or fruit

Mix the dry ingredients and then add the butter. Put the berries/fruit in a baking pan and top with the dough. I also added some of the vanilla sugar that I bought at Skansen on top of the apples before spreading the dough.

Bake in the oven for around 30 minutes in 200-225 degrees C. (I baked it for 25 minutes in 200 degrees). I'm not sure if it were 3-4 dl of fruit exactly… used 4 apples. I'm sure this would taste great with cinnamon as well!


Oat bread

I've now made my first gluten free bread: oat bread. It also contained linseed, aniseed, fennel seed and a special gluten free flour mix. The bread turned out great! I'll definitely do this one many more times, but I suppose I should try some other of the bread recipes from my new recipe book first. The book is called "Baka utan gluten" and is written by Elisabeth Ekstrand Hemmingsson



Pasta with crawfish tails

I found a new recipe last week which I decided to try Friday, it's called "nyförälskade kräftskjärtar" (translated: crawfish tails in love). Quite silly name for the dish maybe but it was very yummy! Here is a picture:


Apart from crawfish tails and pasta, this dish contain mushrooms, scharlotte onions, and a sauce based on creme fraiche bearnaise–this can be found pre-made in the stores here in Sweden–crushed anise seeds, cognac (we used whiskey though) and one of my favorite herbs, tarragon.

I got this recipe from my iPhone application Arla Köket. They do have a web site where you can find this recipe too, however, it doesn't have the same ingredients (weird to say the least as it comes from the same source). If you're interested look here (in Swedish only).