No time


Today when I reheated the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner I decided it was probably time to change the clock on the microwave. The wall clock I changed yesterday already so it was a bit weird to have the two clocks in the kitchen displaying different times.

When finished with eating and the dishes I switch my attention to the microwave. It was quite easy to find the button to press in order to get into “edit mode”, and I also turned it back one hour and then suddenly it went away completely and now I can’t figure out how to fix it. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll survive without it…

Leave my wallet alone!!

I was 3 seconds from “loosing” my wallet today! Scary…

I was on my way home from work and was standing on the escalator in our Subway station, actually the last escalator, and I could see the square where the grocery store is located…

When I was standing there I suddenly felt something strange behind me so I looked back and saw a women staring right in front of her not caring about me at all and next to her was a man with his hand halfway in mid air but when I looked at him he quickly moved his hand towards his hair and looked away. I immediately thought of my “backpack purse”. I stepped off the escalator and reached for my bag. The zipper of the top compartment was half open and I got terrified as I knew he was after my wallet. Luckily I found it safely inside my bag! When they walked away I almost yelled in anger towards them but I didn’t.

I’m always very careful when it comes to wearing my backpack purse and make sure no one is standing to close especially in the escalator but for some reason I missed paying attention this time! Never going to happen again! I’ll stop using my backpack purse! Obviously same thing can happen with any type of bag but I feel in a little more control when using any other purse then one I have on the back.

I suppose I didn’t think clearly after this incident because I forgot half of the things I had planned to buy in the grocery store!

It’s weird though that I feel so “shaken up” when nothing really happened…

Senile or IT failure?

After out last session in the laundry room I booked a new laundry session for tonight, or, at least I thought I did!

When we were right in the middle of loading the machines a guy came in through the door and after a little talk and checking our key against the booking system machine it was clear we did not have a time slot for tonight. So, we took out everything from the laundry machines and went back to the apartment.

I’ve been trying to go through everything in my mind and I know for a fact that I went into the online booking system two weeks ago after our last session and thought it was perfect that it was an open slot today as we would be able to take care of the laundry before our trip to London. What happened next I have no idea about… either I forgot to press the booking button, something or someone bothered me in the middle of the booking and after I thought the booking was completely finished, or some type of IT failure has happened.

I’m not going to dwell too much about it. Luckily I did manage to get a new time slot tomorrow morning so we will have clean clothes before the flight tomorrow evening! 🙂

Apparently the door had been open so Mathias had just walked in. From now on we’ll always close the door (if it’s already open) and use our own key as then we won’t be able to get access to the laundry room if we don’t have a scheduled laundry slot. I’m very happy that the guy came before 1) we had turned on the machines and 2) before we had left the room! If that had happened he would have had no machines to use and no idea who hade taken his appointment and we would not have been able to get our laundry as we couldn’t open the door with our key!!

Difficult decision

Sometime I’m such a “libra” in regards to making decisions. I weigh the pros and cons for what feels like forever not being able to decide on anything. Like the decision of where we should move (not to worry it’s still within the Stockholm-area). We’ve for quite some time planned to buy land and build our home but for the past several months I’ve started to doubt that decision and the main reason is because I can’t decide if it’s worth living a longer way from town or if we should live closer. I hate commuting, even more so nowadays as I get so tired from my rheumatism sometimes that I can barely stand up.

A life on the countryside would be perfect as it’s more calming and relaxing and closer to nature. Moreover, I don’t need to get annoyed by neighbors who are too loud (okay since our old neighbor moved we’ve not really had that problem) or not being able to have the balcony door open (or even use the balcony) because our neighbor smokes and it’s impossible to stand that smell. Again, the neighbor has moved, and I have no idea if the new neighbor smokes or not. I’ve not seen any tendencies towards that as of yet though so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

On the downside though is the fact that it will be far from town. I love having a 10-minute subway ride and I’m in the middle of the city. It feels like I have everything on my doorstep. I have shops, restaurants, work … everything I can think of within a short distance. I like not needing a car in order to go to places. As I still don’t have a Swedish drivers license using a car is not an option as of yet though. When we lived in the US I drove all the time, to work, shopping etc and I never thought much about it, but now when we’ve lived within the city limits for some years I really like the convenience that brings.

So how will I ever make a decision!? Mathias thinks I need to decide what is most important in my life and then the rest we will figure out. That is probably true, but I got so many things on my important lists! Quite frustrating and I/we need to make a decision soon! I like the apartment we live in but it’s starting to feel a little small. The other issue is that we want a bigger outdoor space where we can have a grill. On the balcony we can only have an electric grill and that is just not the same thing!

Well, I’m not going to make any decisions today… let’s continue weighing the pros and cons a little longer! 😉


Numbers are fascinating! I enjoy finding cool number combinations in everyday life such as when we bought something in a store once and paid $12.34. Or like today when I paid for my self-picked salad and had to pay:


Only time I’m not as fascinated with numbers though is after hours of checking product numbers between two product structures at work. Feels like my eyes will pop out. And the past two days I’ve checked too many structures with several lines of product numbers for ~6 hours at least. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ll have nightmares of product numbers attacking me! 😉

Back home

We’ve been back home for two days now and so far I’ve spent most of that time in bed or the sofa. I’m so annoyed at being sick right now! I know I have lots to do at work and next week I’m away for 4 days (taking a course in configuration management) so I’m completely stressed out of having missed two days already this week. I’m hoping I’ll manage to go to work tomorrow!!

The flight home from Madeira was the worst time ever. It felt like it continued on for forever (and it only took 6 hours including the ~1 hr we had between flights in Lisbon). I’ve never experienced so much ear stuffiness in my life. Nothing helped and it continued for quite sometime even after I got off the planes.

I loved being in Madeira! The warm climate was great for my joints. My foot is fine again and I had no stiffness in my joints during our stay there! Clearly a warm climate is much better for me. I wish I didn’t enjoy being back in Sweden so much though as it would be so easy otherwise to make a decision to move elsewhere…

Happy Monday

I did not sleep well last night so I was quite surprised when I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and almost jumped out of bed. Okay, not really jumped, I put the alarm on snooze twice, but still, I was not the least bit tired when I stepped out of bed. It's a long time since I were this awake and ready to start the week. Usually I just don't like mondays as it's so hard to get out of bed.

I had lots of things to do at work today so the day just passed by quickly. I think all this week will pass by quickly as I have so many meetings I don't know when I'll have the time to actually do any work. This is also my last week with my current employer! Happy, happy… 🙂 I'm quite eager to start something new.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a "Happier Tuesday"! 😉