Last weekend we decided to finally do a major cleaning of our garage. We’ve talked about it for almost a year but never done anything about it. Ever since we moved into the house the garage have been only a storage place for old boxes and other stuff. We want to be able to put the car in there and organize every thing which does have its space there.

We had done a little organization of things to throw away during the Easter holiday so a majority of the things needed to be sorted was already taken care off. Now we carried everything out to the drive way and started sweeping the floor. Since I can’t carry the heavier stuff I started sweeping in the storage room while Mathias handled the items left in the main garage area. I thought I’d cleaned it pretty well but hubby gave it another go to get rid of the last parts and wow it sure became a lot of dust smoke in the room. Suddenly our security alarm went off and we couldn’t figure out what had happened. It didn’t take many seconds until the security company called and it turned out that the fire alarm in the garage sensed smoke and therefore the alarm went off. We had not even thought of that the dust could set if off! They allowed us to temporarily remove the fire alarm so we could continue our cleaning. 😃

Now the garage and storage room looks fantastic! All we have to do now is purchase shelves and hooks in order to really get it looking good! Pretty soon our car can move in too! 😉

All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!
All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!
All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!
All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!

207L of extra cold storage

We purchased an extra refrigerator to have in our “closet” under the stairs. We’ve realized that having drinks, soda and beer, beer, and more beer (😉) in our regular refrigerator made it take up too much space that was needed for other stuff plus that our refrigerator stopped being organized. So an extra (beer) refrigerator was needed.

We found one that would fit perfectly under the stairs and still allow us to have space for other things needed to be kept there. The refrigerator has room for 207L so now we can go shopping for more stuff to put in there.


The best part is that our refrigerator in the kitchen now has plenty of space and everything is easily viewable and accessible!

Moving day!

We’ve moved! Our storage that is! 😉 We realized recently that we wouldn’t be able to fit everything we need in the storage we rented at the beginning of the year. We’ve gone through and emptied the small storage area we have in the attic and put it in the rental storage. I’ve packed most of our winter clothing as well as some other clothes in the wardrobe we don’t need before moving to the house. We’ve transported a lot to the storage place but figured we’d be able to go through and pack even more stuff. We’re trying to make the big moving day as painless as possible. I want to be organized well in advance. No surprise there as I’m a organization freak! 🙂

So, bye bye 3 square meter storage, and hello to 6 square meters!


Our old storage.
Our old storage.
It's quite easy to move when you have a rolling chart and "only" 60 meters between the storage areas.
It’s quite easy to move when you have a rolling chart and “only” 60 meters between the storage areas.
New storage! Of course my wonderful hot pink chair has front space.
New storage! Of course my wonderful hot pink chair has front place.

This upcoming weekend we’re planning a major organization of every part of the apartment as we’ll have the showing of our apartment in 1,5 week. Wardrobes, cabinets etc gotta look good for the potential buyers.

Productive day

Next week our condo association has rented a container (they do it twice a year) so perfect timing for a little clean out of the apartment today. I want to have gone through our whole apartment and gotten rid of stuff we no longer need in plenty of time before moving to the house. So, today our bookcase in the living room got some major attention. Now we have just as many books to get rid off as we have left in the bookcase. We found a JavaScript book printed in 1998! Obviously no one has much use of that one any longer. Some books we’ll give away though.


In the evening we grilled sweet potatoes and lamb meatballs. The meatballs was seasoned with freshly cut mint, allspice, cayenne pepper and salt. I made a yogurt sauce with mint, garlic and salt. A fantastic dinner! First time ever we grilled sweet potato and it tasted good but we could definitely improve it a little. 😊


Vacation plans


In 4 weeks our vacation starts and I’m right now in planning mode. Accommodation is booked as of 1,5 month ago and I’ve started to research things to see in the different areas of Skåne (the southern province of Sweden) we will be visiting. Everything is color coded both on the calendar and the map. All I need to finalize is which castles we should visit (there is plenty of them in Skåne!). I’m planning to see at least 2-3 in each of the areas. Yes, I love castles! 🙂 I also want to research what geocaches suits our schedule.

Now all I have to do is count the days until vacation starts! But first I’m counting the days until my assignment in Linköping ends and I’ll be full time at home with my hubby. 2 more weeks! Can’t wait! 🙂

Fall yet?

I’ve promised Mathias to start organizing the boxes we have in the storage area in the attic. He want everything in nice big plastic bins with small wheels underneath instead of regular paper boxes. As I like getting organized I’m not complaining. As long as I don’t have to stand in the attic (way too cold up there right now)! He will take down the different boxes instead and I do the clean out here in the apartment.

Today it was time for my box with Fall decorations. I didn’t do any Fall decorations last year as I’m traveling during the weekdays. So today when I opened it up I almost wished it was Fall. All my pumpkins, the leave garlands, scarecrows, glass chanterelles and pine cones looked so nice and pretty. I only wish I had a few more Fall decorations. Time to visit the US soon maybe!? 😉


Effective cleaning

Yesterday both of us woke up with a stomach bug which kept us resting, sleeping and/or watching TV all day. Today we woke up feeling much better but decided to spend the day at home taking it “easy”.

In the afternoon taking it easy turned into organizing the home office. I cleaned out all paperwork and sorted them into the correct binder. I did this both for our private paperwork as well as for our business. I also cleaned out the binders from paperwork we no longer need. The best part is that I emptied the binders of more paperwork than I put in! Now the fun part of paper goes into shredder is left. :-/


I was very satisfied with myself but of course I didn’t stop there… I figured when at home because I’m not feeling 100% I might as well use that time to clean the closet in the home office as well instead of having to do it someday when I’m feeling fantastic and want to do more fun things.

Organizing the closet required help from hubby since several things in there is his too. He carried everything into the living room. Suddenly my nicely cleaned living room looked like a mess…


Everything got sorted, a lot thrown away and the rest put back into the closet again… I think we were more effective than usual because suddenly we have an empty shelf!


I love cleaning and organizing when it’s this effective!