Hello 2015!

It’s about time to get this blog going again. Summer has ended, the Fall has come and gone and we’ve celebrated Christmas. I’ve been more than lazy during the past 6 months mostly due to my eye issues. Now it’s 2015 and time to get back into the normal routine again. I will try to write more regularly as of now.

I’m happy to report that my eye is healthy again and I’m working full-time as of late October. The Mabthera medication finally got rid of the scleritis. I’m so happy! I’m still on regular checkups to make sure nothing happens. My next Mabthera session is in 3,5 weeks. I’m so not looking forward to it… now when I know how I felt after the previous IV sessions I’m more nervous than ever.

As far as the deck construction goes we are almost finished. The whole deck is done except the side trimming. The house is painted and looking nice! We’ve done a few things on the inside during the Fall but we still have many things left to do.

Right now I’m at the end of the Christmas holiday break. On Wednesday it is back to work after 19 days off. I’m actually looking forward to start working again but I’m not looking forward to waking up so early in the mornings. 😉 Sleeping to at least 8am is quite nice… Lazy mornings are so precious when you don’t have them every day!

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For the past two weeks we’ve been on vacation. There are two words which can describe this period: hard work and illness.

My father, brother and hubby have worked with our new patio. They have done major progress but we are still far from being finished. In total the patio will be ~100 square meters.





My hubby has also started painting the garage! The house we’ll have professional painters do but he decided to save some money and paint the garage by himself. My father-in-law has joined in a few days doing some painting as well. The front of the garage is all finished and looking so great with the olive green color!



On the first day of our vacation I went to the hospital for my second infusion of Mabthera. The actual treatment went very well and I did not experience any side effects. Afterwards I did get tired but it was not as extreme as after the first infusion. I did rest a lot during the first few days. I also noticed a little nausea which turned to the worse 3 days after the hospital visit. I could barely eat anything except banana and crackers. After a few days with this and feeling extra crappy after eating breakfast and taking my morning meds and figured that maybe it wasn’t only Mabthera to blame but also my other new RA pill–this medicine is called Imurel–I’ve been taking for the past month. I was expecting a phone call from the hospital to hear back on my blood work because Imurel has been playing yo-yo with my liver and when the doctor finally called I was told to stop with Imurel. Not only was the blood result not good in regards to my liver but she said that it was most likely to blame for my stomach issues too. So, no Imurel for two weeks and then new blood work again. For the past three days I’ve been feeling much better! I only wish I’d felt like this during the whole vacation!

During the periods when I haven’t felt like crap my mother and I was baking on the grill! We’ve tried it three different times of sponge cake and baked oat crumpets. Major success! I’ll write a post soon about our new fantastic grill: Big green egg!


Tomorrow it’s back to work again! Our vacation might be over but we still have plenty of more weeks to enjoy the Swedish summer!

New house!

We have finally moved in to our new home!

Today, a week ago, the final inspection took place and after that our life has mostly included cleaning, packing, moving and unpacking. 🙂

All furniture arrived Saturday thanks to the help from my father, brother, sister-in-law and her spouse. My mother and mother-in-law joined in as well although we took the easier parts of shopping groceries and carry just a few lighter things. Thanks to everyone! We truly appreciate your help! ❤


Saturday evening we treated everyone to burgers, beer and champagne. Great end to a busy day!


Sunday we had the whole family over in order to celebrate the move-in but also because it was Mother’s Day. We had a potluck brunch with lots of yummy things to chose from!




This week we’re on vacation and will take care off the last things. We got our new bed yesterday as well as the security alarm installed. We still have plenty of things in storage but plan to get everything here over the next days.

Now the fun part of unpacking and getting the new place organized is taking place!

The end of a bookcase

Last week we sold the apartment! On Monday and Tuesday the apartment was shown to prospective buyers, on Wednesday it was “bidding day” and on Thursday we signed the contract with the buyer! On May 30th we’ll finalize the sell and handover the keys. We have many fun days ahead of us. 🙂

As excited as I am to move it’s a little sad too… we’ve owned the apartment for since 2008 we we came back to Sweden from the US, but I’ve been to it many many times before as it was purchased by my grandparents in the mid 80’s. Can’t help but feel a little sentimental about moving.

Today my hubby, brother and father had the fun job of taking down our wall of bookcases. As it was fixed to the wall we had offered the buyer to keep it but he didn’t need it so away it goes. We’ll try to sell it very cheap (or give it away as long as it’s picked up… haven’t decided which yet).



Finishing touches

We’re counting down the days until move-in! On May 20th the final inspection is scheduled!

Right now the last finishing touches are being done in the house. Now we can almost see everything we picked and designed last summer. The tiles, the kitchen, the appliances… not to mention my fancy pantry!




The wall paper in the dining area and the wall paint is finished… the color of the master bedroom turned into a big “oh no” when we noticed that it was the wrong color. Turned out that the color choice we gave the painter had the same name for two different versions, one for outdoor and another for indoor. Shouldn’t be an issue you might think but the paint store delivered the paint in the outdoor color scheme. The paint store admitted that they had done a big mistake and new paint will be provided. So, thankfully, it will be repainted at no cost for us.



It’s a nice color really, but not the calming and relaxing type as I want for the bedroom. Looking forward to go back and see it repainted.

Moving day!

We’ve moved! Our storage that is! 😉 We realized recently that we wouldn’t be able to fit everything we need in the storage we rented at the beginning of the year. We’ve gone through and emptied the small storage area we have in the attic and put it in the rental storage. I’ve packed most of our winter clothing as well as some other clothes in the wardrobe we don’t need before moving to the house. We’ve transported a lot to the storage place but figured we’d be able to go through and pack even more stuff. We’re trying to make the big moving day as painless as possible. I want to be organized well in advance. No surprise there as I’m a organization freak! 🙂

So, bye bye 3 square meter storage, and hello to 6 square meters!


Our old storage.
Our old storage.
It's quite easy to move when you have a rolling chart and "only" 60 meters between the storage areas.
It’s quite easy to move when you have a rolling chart and “only” 60 meters between the storage areas.
New storage! Of course my wonderful hot pink chair has front space.
New storage! Of course my wonderful hot pink chair has front place.

This upcoming weekend we’re planning a major organization of every part of the apartment as we’ll have the showing of our apartment in 1,5 week. Wardrobes, cabinets etc gotta look good for the potential buyers.

Major progress!

Last weekend we had a scheduled meeting with the builder at the house in order to check out the progress. All walls had been primed and they had started working with the flooring in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Today when we had a birthday party to go to in the same area we figured we should pass by the house to check out the progress through the windows. When we got to the house we noticed a van was standing on the driveway so we knocked on the door and asked if we could come inside and take a look.

I was extremely surprised when I saw that all kitchen cabinets where up! It looks so good! Gosh, I can’t wait for move-in and actually being able to enjoy my kitchen. I knew I really liked the kitchen on paper but to see it in real life… It suits our lifestyle and our wish for entertaining with friends and family. I’m totally in love with it!

Kitchen as seen from the dining area.
Kitchen as seen from the dining area.
All of floors (except the bathrooms) were finished and covered but we could take a peek in one of the doorways.
All of floors (except the bathrooms) were finished and covered but we could take a peek in one of the doorways.
The trim around the windows and doors as well as the baseboards are up, but some still awaiting some paint.
The trim around the windows and doors as well as the baseboards are up, but some still awaiting some paint.
A happy (future) home owner!
A happy (future) home owner!