Journey in the archipelago 

My parents and I went on a cruise through the Stockholm archipelago and to the island of Åland. We departed Stockholm at 6 pm on Tuesday evening and came back yesterday shortly before 4 pm.

We had warm and sunny weather and the archipelago was looking fantastic! If the weather is good I’m not sure there is a better place to be. 

We had booked one of the better rooms and it had a huge window towards the side of the ship. Just sitting there and looking out was quite calming not to mention waking up with that view. I think I slept with the best view ever! 😍 Wish I could wake up that way every morning.  

The most difficult part of the trip was probably the buffet on Tuesday evening. It was so much people and lots of noise so I had a hard time enjoying eating. It was a quite stressful setting. Some people really get loud and shameless when the have a good buffet in front of them. Next time I travel I will remember to book the later dinner slot.

I took plenty of gorgeous photos, here are a few…

Our cabin
Leaving Stockholm, here is the amusement park Gröna Lund
Car ferries by Oxdjupet
Sunset in the archipelago

I guess we’re going too slow as another cruise ship quickly passed by us.
Morning view from my bed! 😍

The outer Åland archipelago

View of Furusund from our cabin

View from the rear deck.

One of the longest cruise ships visiting the Stockholm area this summer.

Hello Stockholm! To the left is the old town.

Breakfast picnic

Since the weather is fantastic here in Stockholm right now we decided to go for a breakfast picnic this morning. I prepared as much as I could yesterday evening so all I had to do this morning was fixing the sandwiches and away we went.

We went to a part of our municipality called Garnsviken. It’s a lake connected to the ocean by a canal. The particular area of Garnsviken we went to is a popular swimming spot in the summer. 

Garnsviken is part of the old waterway used by the Vikings called Långhundraleden. The waterway used to go between the Baltic ocean and the old town of Uppsala. Nowadays it is not possible to travel this way by boat as there is not water all the way due to the land uplift. 

View of Garnsviken

The bathing platform

Nice view for breakfast

Of course I had to take a picture when I found wood anemones 😃

A visitor

A small bird flew in to our living room and my hubby had to help it find its way out again. It was a very beautiful bird (no idea of the species though…). It got quite exhausted from the ordeal of trying to fly away when hubby tried to catch it so when it was possible for it to fly away it kept on resting in the hand for around 5 minutes at which time I managed to get a great picture of it! 🙂

IMG_6600 IMG_6606

Cold forenoon

After breakfast today we decided to go ut and enjoy the last day of the Christmas holiday with a little excursion in the nearby area.

First we went to a small lake called Solbergasjön where I took some beautiful pictures of the icy lake.

Hubby and camera in action.
Hubby and camera in action.

Next we decided to go to Domarudden which is a recreational area/nature reserve close to where we live. They have plenty of activities here both in the summer and during the winter time. They also have a restaurant where we enjoyed waffles for lunch.

Yummy lunch! Waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream.
Yummy lunch! Waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream.
The lake Drängsjön by Domarudden. Right now covered with 15 cm of blue ice.
The lake Drängsjön by Domarudden. Right now covered with 15 cm of blue ice.
Some people were fishing...
Some people were fishing…
... while others walked or skated.
… while others walked or skated.

This is a great area where we don’t go to often. We really need to change that! We don’t have skates and to tell the truth I’m not even sure how my feet and knees would react to that type of experience but I really want to buy skates and try it out. Next blog post from Domarudden might be me looking like Bambi on ice! 😉

Rest day

This morning when we woke up we decided that we would take it easy today as yesterday was a very ruff day! After a spinning class and a dance class my hip did not appreciate life. Luckily I did not have any issues with it this morning but thought I better give it a break from exercising.

The afternoon we spent in a bus together with most of the other people in our group. We visited three places on Fuerteventura. First off was a aloe vera factory.


Next was the medieval town of Betancuria. On our way there we passed a fantastic view point towards the ocean.




Our last stop of the day was in a small fishing village where the have caves by the water. Lots of steps to get there but a very cool place so totally worth the effort!




On our way back to the hotel three goodie bags where given out and I happened to win one of them! 🙂


Road trip: Day 11


Our last hotel night in Skåne at Spångens Gästgivaregård was so disappointing! 😞 Our experience with the dinner last night I mentioned in my last post. At breakfast this morning it turned out that they had forgotten the lactose free food I emailed with the before arrival. That is not acceptable!! Lucky for them I’m not lactose intolerant so I could eat a little butter on the sandwiches but something like that can’t be forgotten in case you have a person really allergic.

I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t make more research about the hotel in advance. I suppose I thought that all hotels I could use with the gift certificate would be fairly equal. Clearly we would have had a much better experience if we had used the gift certificate at one of the hotels in Tällberg (one of our favorite towns to visit for mini weekends and we’ll go there again in 3 weeks!). That would have been a much better use… Oh well, can’t do much about that now…

After breakfast we started driving to Söderåsens National park (B), a 5-minute journey from the hotel which is why you can’t see point A on the map! Unfortunately the fantastic weather we’ve had the past week didn’t show up today so my joints did not feel as good today plus that it was raining when we went to the national park. Instead of walking we drove on one of the few roads you can access with a car. At least we saw a little from the park. Lots of beautiful Beech trees.



Our next stop was at Hovdala Castle (C) where we had decided to meet our old friends, Ulla and Lasse. Ulla used to work as a librarian at the library I visited as a teenager. She’s my favorite librarian ever! 😊



Oh almost forgot, before arriving at the castle we passed by a town which had this sign at the entrance. We passed the sign and I told Mathias he had to go back so I could take a second look… yes, the sign has two UFO!


Next we left Skåne and drove to Älmhult (D) to pick up Mathias’ father before heading to Jönköping where we’ll stay the night. Tomorrow we will go HOME! After almost two weeks away I’m so looking forward to sleep in my own bed again!

Road trip: Day 4


We left our B&B (G on the map, Google maps had a hard time when the start and beginning of the trip was the same location) mid morning and drove to Vitemölla (see B) in order to check out the beach. Wow what a view…


We started walking in the beautiful white sand but my hip didn’t enjoy that so after 5 minutes we had to stop. 😞


Next stop of the day was Kiviks Musteri (see C) where we learned about apples and how to make apple juice. We also walked in their garden, shopped in their store and enjoyed an lunch with lots of references to apples… bread with apples… apple mayo…




We had planned to spend the rest of the day in a national park but couldn’t find a parking space so instead we decided to try again tomorrow and started driving to Simrishamn (D) where we took a little coffee break before heading to Glimmingehus (E), an old medieval castle.



Unfortunately we had to drive back to Simrishamn after our little tour because Mathias realized he’d forgotten his camera at coffee place. We called ahead of going there and they luckily found the bag and kept it for us until we returned.

At point F we visited Österlenkryddor (seller and farmer of spices and herbs) and bought a few things. One of the things I found was a lavender book with recipes (both food and decorating stuff).



Once back “home” (i.e G) we enjoyed a fantastic dinner created by the B&B owner, fish soup.