Road trip: Day 12


Jönköping (A) experienced a bad thunder storm overnight/this morning. Not only was part of the city flooded, my joints did not like it either… I woke up with pain and it just got worse and worse. Not even a hot shower helped! I wanted to stay in bed but obviously couldn’t do that… had to eat breakfast and check out.

We started driving along the western side of Lake Vättern. In Hjo (B) my father-in-law wanted to take a walk in the city park and my hubby joined him. I sat in the car… while waiting I read the newspaper online and saw that the highway in Jönköping had been flooded and was closed! Perfect that we decided on the other route around the lake as we had no issues at all!

My hurting joint didn’t give in (even with the two painkillers I took in the morning). It hurt so bad that I was nauseous and really wished I was somewhere else than in a car. Eventually hubby convinced me to take a 1/2 cortisone pill in addition to what I already took in the morning. I really don’t like that I needed to raise the dosage but I just have to get used to it I suppose. My joints, the weather and the cortisone dose don’t cooperate all the time. 😢 I need to stop being so stubborn in regards to my cortisone pills.

Thankfully the grey and colder weather have disappeared when we drove from Jönköping and the more north we got the warmer it got. When we arrived in Linköping (C) it wasn’t as many joints hurting anymore and I could enjoy a nice lunch at my favorite sushi place!


From Linköping we drove directly to Stockholm (D), left my father-in-law at the train station before heading home. Now we have unpacked a little, gone grocery shopping, and eaten grilled chicken and potato salad on the balcony. While sitting on the balcony a familiar sound appeared which made my look up trying to find a hot air balloon. It showed up right above our next door condo building.


I’m not completely without pain still but it’s much better now. I really dislike thunder storms! It make my joints hurt so bad! 😡 Only positive thing is that a thunder storm passes quickly so that means only a few hours feeling bad compared to days with a regular rain storm.

Bye bye Linköping

Today I said goodbye to my life in Linköping.

I started the day with saying goodbye to my apartment.


Next goodbye was to my co-workers. I’m truly going to miss them. They are a talented and engaged bunch of people who really enjoy what they are doing. It was refreshing and inspiring to work with them all. During the last month I also had the privilege to meet a fantastic lady (my replacement) whom I’ll miss extremely. We quickly established a great friendship and it would have been so much fun to keep working together. She gave me a beautiful knitted cape/poncho as a “goodbye and thank you gift” which I’m truly grateful for. Can’t wait for a cold day so I can wear it! 🙂

Last I said goodbye to Linköping by visiting Old Linköping.


I’ve had a fantastic 10 months in a beautiful town. I’m really going to miss the calm pace of a smaller town. Thankfully we’re moving to a suburb away from the big city within a year. I’m also going to miss my bathtub! Can’t wait until we move. I’m going to take a bath the first day in the house! 🙂

I’m so excited to be back in Stockholm close to my hubby and family though! I’m also looking forward to a long and hopefully warm and sunny summer full of exciting events.

Hello Stockholm 🙂


Last dinners

Yesterday my hubby and mother-in-law arrived in Linköping. They picked me up outside work and we went in to town for dinner. I’d planned in advance to visit my favorite sushi place, Kikkosan.


After dinner we went to the ice cream parlor, Bosses Glassbar. First time I’ve been there. I’ve tried before but it has always been a long line far out on the street/sidewalk. As it was grey and rainy yesterday it was no line at all!



Today after work we went to my other favorite restaurant in town, this time Aioli tapas bar. Yummy as always!


Now I only have a few hours left in Linköping. I’ve organized everything and my hubby, my excellent packer, will make sure everything is packed appropriately both in bags and in the car tomorrow. He’s such a fantastic little helper! 😘

Last week

Today I took my last train ride to Linköping and on Friday I’m moving back home. 10 months of working away from home in another city will come to its end.

I figured it was time to start cleaning out the apartment a little bit so last Wednesday I started going through some of my things. I put everything in a corner of the living room so hubby can pack it easily when he gets here later this week. (He and my mother-in-law will join me for my last days here. It will be so great to travel home by car as I have collected a few things during these months).

Once everything I wanted to bring back home was nicely on the floor (and the rest in garbage bags) I realized that it is quite easy to see which of all “my” things really belong to my hubby… 🙂


Japanese Delight

I ate lunch with my manager yesterday. He picked me up at work and we drove in to Linköping. In the car he asked me if I liked sushi to which I (of course) replied yes!

We went to ShinNori which is one of the two sushi restaurant a co worker recommended to me awhile back. Hubby and I never tried it as it was closed when we went for sushi so we walked to the other sushi place Kikkosan and fell in love with it so every time after we’ve gone back there.

ShinNori is absolutely the better place of the two both in regards to the food experience and the atmosphere BUT Kikkosan’s salmon has a much better taste. If ShinNori would get their salmon from the same place I think they would be the best sushi place ever!

I have to eat A LOT of sushi in the upcoming 5 weeks as I’ve not found anything this great in Stockholm yet.



It’s been a little different Walpurgis celebration this year as I’ve been all alone. Mathias went to Copenhagen today and first we had planned for him to arrive in Linköping yesterday and go to Copenhagen from here but the tickets got quite expensive so instead he went there directly. I’ll join him

Walpurgis night is normally a night to watch bonfires but it was cold and extremely windy yesterday so I decided to go to a restaurant instead. I ate a yummy Club Sandwich at New York Legends.


Today I’ve enjoyed a little history of Linköping and Sweden. After almost half of my walk today I came to the castle and decided to check it out. The museum was open and a decided to take a look. I was the only one in the whole museum so it was very calm and peaceful and I could take as long as I needed in each of the exhibition halls. The museum is both of the castle and the cathedral and tells the story of Linköpings diocese in the Middle Ages, particularly of Bishop Brask. A beautifully done exhibition and I’m glad I managed to see it before its time to leave Linköping. Here are a few pictures from the exhibition halls.




Proud walker!

All of you that follow my blog regularly know of my foot issues due to rheumatoid arthritis. It never seem to get back to normal and on my checkup appointment the past Monday the doctor decided it was time for an x-ray. I’ve had issues for a year now but have not needed a cortisone shot since last June. In two weeks I’ll know the result from the x-ray. He didn’t notice any issues with it just checking the joints “manually” so he said it was fine to walk on as normal despite my hurting foot.

So today as it is a holiday (Labor day), I’m all alone in Linköping and the weather is great I decided to check how far I could walk. I have the race I’ve signed up for in the end of May and I’ve not been able to exercise at all more than the normal walking I do daily. So, out and about in Linköping I went…

I did make a few stops such as visiting a museum (more about that in a upcoming post) at which time I paused my Runkeeper app but in total I walked:


I’m extremely proud of myself!