Family room project

This week I’ve attended my last class in the interior design course. I’m gonna miss going every week and learn about interior design. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve finished my first room in our new house, the family room!

During our last class everyone brought something to eat or drink so we could have a little cozy fika (“coffee break”, follow the link to read about this special Swedish tradition) while presenting our individual projects.

Fika time!
Fika time!

The first thing we did in the class was mood boards which I’ve written about in a previous post. I browsed plenty of magazines and finally found the perfect images to use for the family room mood board. I actually collected a huge stack of cutouts/pages from magazines in order to use for other mood boards for the rest of the house.

Mood board for our family room.
Mood board for our family room.

We also learned how to make drawings of our rooms. First we started with a plan view in scale 1:20. When that was done we cut out the furniture we wanted in the room and tried different positions in order to figure out what worked the best.

The room layout of 0ur family room (bottom) and the master bedroom (top).
The room layout of 0ur family room (bottom) and the master bedroom (top).

When the room layout was decided we continued with drawings in scale 1:50. We did both a plan view as well as elevation (side view) drawings. On each of the drawings we added the furniture and other items as well as colored them. We also made a perspective drawing but I wasn’t able to finish it completely.

Plan view and elevations (side views) of the family room.
Plan view and elevations (side views) of the family room.

Mood board

Interior magazine heaven
Interior magazine heaven

This week was my third time with the interior design class. Previously we have covered the different styles over the centuries, current trends as well as color. This week it was time for mood boards.  

We browsed through lots and lots of magazines in order to find inspiration for our rooms. I’ve decided to concentrate on our family room in the new house. I was pretty set of what I wanted… should remind me of the ocean, in blue, green, beige and white colors. Found several nice pictures from the magazines to use. It was actually so much fun that I immediately the day after bought lots of interior magazines–unfortunately I had cleaned out all my old magazines earlier this year–in order to find more pictures both for the family room and for the other rooms in the house. Now I have 3 more mood boards to create for some of the other rooms–dining/living room, home office and master bedroom. Fun, fun, fun!

Kitchen window

Yesterday we passed by a flower shop and as I was looking for a wreath in order to make a Easter decoration (got very inspired when I saw a picture in a magazine recently) we made a stop. Didn’t find a wreath but I found lots if other nice stuff which made me want to redecorate the kitchen window!

With the help from the florist I picked flowers and decorations that would fit in a flower pot I found. It turned into a cute pink dream! I also found a pre made flower arrangement in a tall pot as well as a very cool lizard! Best part is that neither of the flowers require plenty of water so no worry if I forget to water!

Now my kitchen window looks fantastic if I do say so myself. The only problem is that almost half of the window sill is empty so guess what I’ll do next weekend! 😉




Spring yet?

After work today I went in to town in order to do some shopping. I wanted a new flower to cheer up my living room.

I found several arrangements I could have gotten. Luckily they are too heavy to carry more than one! 😉 The one I picked made me feel like Spring is here. Considering the nasty weather lately I wish Spring would be here tomorrow. Right now it’s one day with cold and snow, the next day warmer so it starts melting and then cold again so it’s only ice everywhere, and then the circle continues. I’m so sick of it! I so wish it could stay cold until it’s time for the snow to melt away.

But, at least I got a nice flower arrangement to cheer me up! 🙂


Now I just need to purchase a vase too so I can get some fresh tulips! That will truly make my apartment feel like Spring time!

Fall yet?

I’ve promised Mathias to start organizing the boxes we have in the storage area in the attic. He want everything in nice big plastic bins with small wheels underneath instead of regular paper boxes. As I like getting organized I’m not complaining. As long as I don’t have to stand in the attic (way too cold up there right now)! He will take down the different boxes instead and I do the clean out here in the apartment.

Today it was time for my box with Fall decorations. I didn’t do any Fall decorations last year as I’m traveling during the weekdays. So today when I opened it up I almost wished it was Fall. All my pumpkins, the leave garlands, scarecrows, glass chanterelles and pine cones looked so nice and pretty. I only wish I had a few more Fall decorations. Time to visit the US soon maybe!? 😉



I love shopping at IKEA. Looking at all the different showcase rooms are even more fun! I get lots of inspiration in regards to home decoration. Sometimes it’s even dangerous with all the inspiration as I feel like remodeling! 😉

Friday we went to IKEA as we needed new office chairs. As usual we came home with a few more things than originally planned… 🙂 but only things we really needed such as new towels. I also bought new towels for the apartment in Linköping. The ones I bought 1,5 month ago are terrible! The leave fluff all over the floor as well as on the hands/body. So annoying…

When we walked around the store yesterday I found my dream kitchen. Lots of space for cooking/baking as well as for storage and display of finer china. Also an island which I love, but I would make it even better with adding a few high chairs so you can sit and eat there. Having a space so we can have dinner parties easier is also a major plus!



I also found a make up table which I would love to have when we have a bigger bed room one day.


Oh and not to forget a his and hers sink in the bath room. I loved having that when we lived in the US.


Now I only have to decide where to move and what type of living we want…

Gingerbread decorations

When we bake gingerbread cookies I always make a few special ones that I can use and decorate my kitchen window with.

I’m a little lazy though as I buy pre made colored icing. They are so easy to use as I don’t need all the mess that comes with a icing bag. I’ve recently bought a new one that seems much better than most so next year I might just do the icing on my own.

It’s very easy to make your own cookies to hang in the window. Just make the dough (or buy pre made), use whatever cookie cutter you desire, and then bake them. Remember to cut out a hole before baking. When the cookies are cold decorate them with icing of you choice and maybe even some candy. Let the icing dry and then take a ribbon and hang them in whatever desired located. Now you have a pretty window/wall!