It’s green!

This past weekend we invited our family over in order to help out with fixing our lawn. We had bought 200 square meters of grass rolls and we figured it would be quicker to get it done if we had some help from our loved ones. A good thing with living so close to each other! 😊 

My parents came earlier and helped Mathias get rid off the weeds. I had done a tiny bit on Friday. First off I totally dislike yard work, always have… and secondly my hip still didn’t enjoy too much moving around. I managed to get rid of the weeds in the front section where I didn’t have to bend my legs but the rest I left for others to take care off. 

The rest of our family available to help out came around 10am and they started working. My chore of the day was to be the official photographer… 😉📸

How shall we do this? Every job starts with some discussions…
Lots of grass rolls! And we had one more pile not seen in this picture.
The first grass rolls on the ground!
Since we have a stone wall at the front some detailed cuting was needed.
Front yard finished!
The side of the yard was bigger plus that is has a slope so this one was trickier.
Hubby and his niece having fun carrying grass rolls.
The side yard is also finished! Now all we need to do is water, water, water…
Of course you need to treat your happy helpers with food! Hamburgers and chips!

It’s actually quite amazing to look out from the windows and see a green lawn. We’ve had rocks and dirt for two years now so this is a huge change! 

Thanks to everyone who helped out, we truly appreciate it! ❤️ 

Back in business

After almost four weeks being sick I’ve finally had an enjoyable weekend! Not only was it sunny and quite comfortable to be outside most of the time but I’ve also been able to be up and do things. Both yesterday and today I’ve taken a short walk, plus that we’ve managed to fix a few things around the house… Here are (parts of) our weekend in pictures:

Our weather station (indoor and outdoor) is finally up and working.
Our weather station (indoor and outdoor) is finally up and working.
Our numbers on the house is up! We couldn't do it earlier as the house wasn't painted and then it was too cold for a few months.
Our numbers on the house is up! We couldn’t do it earlier as the house wasn’t painted and then it was too cold for a few months.

I’ve also managed to do a little Spring/Easter decoration both outside and inside.

Easter bunnies and daffodils
Easter bunnies and daffodils
A must when Easter is near... "Påskris" (Easter tree) with colourful feathers.
A must when Easter is near… “Påskris” (Easter tree) with feathers. So far this is the only one in the house but I will add more within the next few weeks. I also will put up the witches and a eggs eventually.

And last, but certainly not least we’ve enjoyed BBQ in the sunshine. Today we ate sausage with buns.

All set of lunch. Unfortunately it was not as comfortable to sit outside as it looks because it was a little windy so right after we've eaten we went straight back inside.
All set of lunch. Unfortunately it was not as comfortable to sit outside as it looks because it was a little windy so right after we’ve eaten we went straight back inside.

Tomorrow I’m going back to work again. Finally!! I’m pretty sure the first few days will be a little rough but I’m so happy to finally be doing something useful again.

Spring cleaning

Spring is finally here! Wood anemones, cherry blossoms, birch pollen and warmer weather! Some things I enjoy more than others! 😉

Today we’ve helping my parents with a little spring cleaning. Or, to be more exact, hubby has while I’ve been sitting by the water enjoying life and documenting progress. For lunch we enjoyed the obligatory grilled sausages.







Caring for grandma

When my (paternal) grandmother passed away a few years ago I kept one of her plants. It is an ivy but I’m not sure of the english name for this particular type of ivy. I nicknamed it “farmor” (grandmother in Swedish). It has been standing in our kitchen ever since and one of the branches grew pretty long but didn’t look too healthy so I decided it was time to replant it to give it more energy. The almost completely yellow branch was removed and the rest replanted in a new pot. Now it looks strong and healthy again.

Replanted ivy
Replanted ivy

At the bottom of the branch we removed was three healthy leaves so I decided I should try to get them growing and get more ivy plants. I do not have green fingers so I’m not sure how it will turn out but got to try it out.

My three cuttings from the original ivy plant.
My three cuttings from the original ivy plant.


Effective cleaning

Yesterday both of us woke up with a stomach bug which kept us resting, sleeping and/or watching TV all day. Today we woke up feeling much better but decided to spend the day at home taking it “easy”.

In the afternoon taking it easy turned into organizing the home office. I cleaned out all paperwork and sorted them into the correct binder. I did this both for our private paperwork as well as for our business. I also cleaned out the binders from paperwork we no longer need. The best part is that I emptied the binders of more paperwork than I put in! Now the fun part of paper goes into shredder is left. :-/


I was very satisfied with myself but of course I didn’t stop there… I figured when at home because I’m not feeling 100% I might as well use that time to clean the closet in the home office as well instead of having to do it someday when I’m feeling fantastic and want to do more fun things.

Organizing the closet required help from hubby since several things in there is his too. He carried everything into the living room. Suddenly my nicely cleaned living room looked like a mess…


Everything got sorted, a lot thrown away and the rest put back into the closet again… I think we were more effective than usual because suddenly we have an empty shelf!


I love cleaning and organizing when it’s this effective!

Fresh scent


During the first week of my vacation I met up with a sales person from the Swedish cleaning company called Hemfrid. My employer has a special price with them so I decided it was time to try them out.

A few weeks ago I got my windows cleaned and today it was time for the initial cleaning. From now on we’ll have a cleaning lady here biweekly (on Fridays).

They arrived at 8 am this morning and when I’d given them the key I left for work (first day after my 4 week vacation). When I got back home after work I opened the door and… what a wonderful fresh scent. It’s definitely something special with coming home to a clean apartment. You just don’t feel the same freshness in the air when you’ve cleaned yourself!

I’ve missed having a cleaning lady ever since we moved from the US so I’m exstatic about finally having it arranged here in Sweden as well!



My parents has a butterfly bush in the yard and it truly has the perfect name! I’ve never seen so many butterflies in one place! (I’m not counting the butterfly gardens I’ve visited!)

I love butterflies. They are so pretty to look at and I can stand around the bush forever in order to view the butterflies.

Here are three of the best photos I’ve gotten!




Above pictures just shows one type of butterflies but there are several different types, I’ve just not managed to take pictures of them all.