It’s been a little different Walpurgis celebration this year as I’ve been all alone. Mathias went to Copenhagen today and first we had planned for him to arrive in Linköping yesterday and go to Copenhagen from here but the tickets got quite expensive so instead he went there directly. I’ll join him

Walpurgis night is normally a night to watch bonfires but it was cold and extremely windy yesterday so I decided to go to a restaurant instead. I ate a yummy Club Sandwich at New York Legends.


Today I’ve enjoyed a little history of Linköping and Sweden. After almost half of my walk today I came to the castle and decided to check it out. The museum was open and a decided to take a look. I was the only one in the whole museum so it was very calm and peaceful and I could take as long as I needed in each of the exhibition halls. The museum is both of the castle and the cathedral and tells the story of Linköpings diocese in the Middle Ages, particularly of Bishop Brask. A beautifully done exhibition and I’m glad I managed to see it before its time to leave Linköping. Here are a few pictures from the exhibition halls.




Welcome 2012!

We celebrated the end 2011 with our traditional new year's party at my parent's place. My parents-in-law were there as well. We enjoyed drinks and small appetizer to start with, then a very yummy pork tenderloin dish my mother makes and ice cream for desert.




We played a little couronne as well…



And had a beautiful firework show created by my brother. I've not figured out how to post video's so you'll just have to trust me that the firework was beautiful! This new year's was also the first time I've seen chinese lantern in the sky. It was A LOT of them! I wonder if that is due the quite popular movie Tangled… ;) 

Warm welcome 2012! Looking forward to see what adventure it will bring. So far I know and looking forward to 3 different trips we've got planned this Spring. In february we'll visit Spain, in March Madeira and in May London. 🙂


Lucia concert

Today we went to Ericsson Globe Arena (Globen) in order to view this year's Lucia concert. I've not been in Globen since we move back to Sweden but I remember how huge it was inside… well, today, I did not think it was particularly huge at all, it rather felt quite small. I think I've bee inside US arenas for too long. 🙂

The Lucia concert was great and I'll definitly try to see it next year again. 



Tomorrow morning I leave for a 2 day introduction "course" for new employees at my new company. I'll be staying at a hotel for one night. Normally it's been Mathias being away due to work but now it's my turn. I won't be that far away though as the course is taking place in my company's office in Frihamnen and we'll stay at a hotel closeby. 

Christmas spirit

My favorite season of the year is finally here. Until a couple of days ago I didn't really feel like Christmas was around the corner due to the warm weather plus not having felt particularly good lately. Saturday though we drove to Gävle in order to eat this years first Christmas dinner at Furuvik Brygga together with my cousin Tony. It was very yummy!


We also had some wonderful hours with my aunt and uncle before heading to the hotel where we stayed the night and then drove back to Stockholm right after breakfast.

Yesterday evening it was time for some more Christmas Spirit when we went to Stockholm Konserthus for a Christmas concert. A co-worker of mine sings in the choir, Sjung nu. The choir is 1000 people strong and the sound when all of them were singing was just amazing! This was how beautiful it looked during the first song:


And here you can take a look at the first song too:


Happy Easter

We started celebrating Easter by visiting the memorial and put down some flowers (the two daffodil pots in the middle) for all the loved ones we miss:


Next stop was two different geocaches, the first by the road into Österåkers jail called Jailhouse Rock, and the second one called Runö Kvarn. The last one had a very pretty container:


Next we went home to my parents–they and my brother joined us at the memorial and geocache hunting–where we enjoyed the fabulous sunny day and also started preparing for Easter dinner. I had prepared the pickled herring and salmon pate earlier but the cucumber and eggs I did today.


The herring turned out great but I was not so happy with salmon pate. The pickle dish (no idea what it's called in English, but it's pressgurka in Swedish) around the salmon pate was very tasty though!

In the evening we watched TV at home and I enjoyed some yummy marzipan candy:


Bye bye Christmas!

Today we cleaned out Christmas. Everything is gone and the living room looks a little empty without the Christmas tree. I'm always so excited when I'm getting ready to put up all the Christmas decorations while taking them down is not as much fun at all. Still, it's nice take it down because until the Christmas decorations are away I don't feel like the holiday is really over.


Tomorrow it's back to work "for real" again (last week was weird as it was only 3 work days) and I'm really happy that I'm starting do feel better in my joints. The bad pain in my arms/shoulders are almost gone. Yesterday it was impossible for me to sit in front of the computer and work so at that time I wondered if I would be able to go to work tomorrow but luckily I don't have to be worried about that anymore!

Welcome 2011!

It's a new year and we celebrated it at my parents place. When we arrived New Year's Eve this is how beautiful it looked when we stepped out of the car:


After lunch and some hours resting (I didn't feel particularly well due to a cold) it was time to start preparing the appetizer and dessert (which was my job, my mother handled the main dinner), while we did that my father-in-law enjoyed some newspaper reading:


For appetizer, mixed small sandwiches:


For dinner, pork tenderloin, deer, sausages, salad and potato au gratin:



For dessert, chocolate mousse (for those who didn't like that we had a raspberry version):


Of course, we also had champagne, which Mathias had won at a company conference:


After enjoying our nice dinner we waited for midnight at which time we went outside in order to enjoy the fireworks. It had started snowing a lot during the evening so we knew we wouldn't be able to see all fireworks along the waterside which we normally do, but our own fireworks along with the neighbor's fireworks was quite enough.



Once the firework was done my father-in-law went home, but first he needed some help in order to get out of the parking area:


We went inside, enjoyed some bread and cheese and at 2.30am we were in bed. Around 9.30am I went up, enjoyed breakfast with everyone else and went out in the snow to play (while others did chores):



Today is the last day of our winter vacation and tomorrow it's back to work again. I'm a little split to the idea of working tomorrow…  I'm looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule while at the same time wouldn't mind some more days just relaxing and taking it easy in the mornings. I think mostly so because I'm still not feeling 100%. It's a short week though… 3 days and then it's a 4-day weekend! :)