Family time

We’ve enjoyed several calm and cozy days celebrating Christmas (and my brother’s birthday) with our family. There have been plenty of good traditional food and fun family times. Here is a bunch of pictures of our Christmas week.

Hubby and I celebrated with gift opening in the morning of Christmas eve.
Hubby and I celebrated with gift opening in the morning of Christmas eve.
Christmas Eve dinner table
Christmas Eve dinner table
My brother's birthday cupcakes. The decorations are of his favorite team.
My brother’s birthday cupcakes. The decorations are of his favorite team.
Amazing how few cars at the shopping mall by opening hour. When we left after 1,5 hour most people seemed to arrive.
Amazing how few cars at the shopping mall by opening hour. When we left after 1,5 hour most people seemed to arrive.
Geocaching adventure
Geocaching adventure
Hubby trying to set up our iPad's so everyone can play online. :)
Hubby trying to set up our iPad’s so everyone can play online. 🙂
More Christmas food!
More Christmas food!
The "whole" family around the tabletop pool table.
The “whole” family around the tabletop pool table.

31 days

In August there was a geocaching challenge called “31 days of geocaching”. Each of the day that you logged at least one geocache you got a little “souvenir”, it’s like a badge that is automatically displayed on you account. Hubby and I thought that was a pretty fun idea so we decided to go for it. As today is the last day of August I’m happy to report that we have found at least one geocache each day. So, now we have 31 “shining” souvenirs. During these 31 days we’ve found 71 caches in total. Before we started this month I had 81 geocaches in total so I’ve almost doubled the amount during the past month! =)

The little badge for each day of the month of August.

When we had vacation it wasn’t so hard to take the time to go geocaching but now since we’re back at work we’ve had to do it in the evenings. We decided to pick quick and easy caches close to home. Even though it has been a lot of fun I’m kinda glad August is over and we can go in to normal routine which means to go geocaching when we have more time to do it. 🙂

Here are a few “new”–i.e. I’ve not shown any of them in a blog post earlier–photos of our geocaching adventures this month.

The largest cache we’ve found so far.
Terrible rainy day. I sat in the car while hubby walked outside. This was a true “park n grab cache”.
Can you see the hidden cache?
Can you see the hidden cache?
A beautiful gate we passed when walking between two caches.
A beautiful old gate we passed when walking between two caches.

Back to business

After a fun two days away we are now back home again. Now it’s back to work tomorrow for Mathias who has been on vacation for 5,5 weeks!

I’ve been “working” for the past two weeks but as I don’t have an assignment life has been fairly easy. I’m hoping that will change quickly now as summer vacations are over and companies might need some new people/consultants. If my eye permit I will catch up on some reading. I have a few IT and management books I want to read.

Tomorrow I’m going back to the hospital for a check up of my eye. I’m still not feeling completely well so I’m anticipating more days with my meds. 😦

On our way back home today we grabbed 4 caches. Two of them was in the middle of roundabouts and it was very hard to try not to be seen. The by passers seemed very curious and stared at us. It was very funny to see them.


More cache

It was a beautiful sunny morning here in Tällberg today. Hubby and I took a morning walk around the hotel before breakfast. It was so calm and peaceful with no sounds at all.



After breakfast we started our geocaching journey. Our first stop of the day was Nusnäs and the famous dala horse production. Here we also found the days first cache.



We also visited a store selling pottery. I found a cute Santa which very much resembled Gandalf the Grey. It’s safely packed by the sales person so sorry no picture until I get home.

The rest of the day we’ve been in caching paradise. In total we’ve found 14 caches today. Most I’ve found in one day so far. 😊 Today’s caches included climbing…




…beautiful old buildings…


…and a fantastic sunset by the lake. Here the cache was by a shelter with a fireplace. Too bad we didn’t have charcoal with us. Could have had a very cozy evening here!




On the road again


We are on the road again! This time around on a short 2-night stay in Tällberg in the province of Dalarna. Last time we were here it was in the middle of winter and -20 degrees outside. Now, it’s summer and green.

We started mid morning yesterday with picking up my brother and then started the approximate 4 hours drive northwest of Stockholm. On our way we stopped and grabbed 10 geocaches (before bedtime we had found two more)!


Hubby has now reached his 100th cache as well. This is how happy he was… although he didn’t realize that this was his 100 cache until after we found it.


During this trip to Tällberg we decided to try another hotel, Green Hotel, than the one we usually stays at, Dalecarlia.


It is a beautiful place with the best view of Lake Siljan but I think I prefer Dalecarlia more. The breakfast at Dalecarlia is better plus that they have an a la carte menu compared to this hotel which has a fixed 3 course menu. The dinner last night was fantastic but I like having more choices.

Of course we had to stop at the famous phone booth which also had a geocache hidden inside. Here my brother and I are looking for the hidden cache.


100 caches

I’ve now reached the magical number of having found 100 geocaches! Yippee! 🎉

We went on a little impromptu excursion to Sturehofs castle (30 minute drive from the city) with my parents today.

The café at the castle is owned by the same people who owns one of my favorite cafés in Stockholm. That meant they served their delicious shrimp sandwich. I tried to find something else from the menu but just couldn’t. Had to stick with one of the best shrimp options there is!


After lunch we went hunting for caches. I took my 100th and my parents their 200th. 👏 Hubby is still waiting for a three digit number. In total we found 7 caches today. Here are a few pictures from today’s geocaching adventure.





And here is a photo of a cache hubby and I found last evening. Thought it was so cute I had to share it…


Tiny tomatoes


At the grocery store today I found the smallest tomatoes I’ve ever seen. Decided to try them out in this evening’s salad.

My brother came over for dinner tonight and we grilled chicken and ate with potato salad, green salad (cucumber, the tiny tomatoes and cheese). We also enjoyed bread and one of my favorite cheeses Appenzaller.


After dinner we went geocaching. Found one, decided to skip another due to people closely to the cache, and went searching for a hiding place of a cache I want to hide myself. I didn’t find the perfect spot though so I need to continue searching…