Family time

We’ve enjoyed several calm and cozy days celebrating Christmas (and my brother’s birthday) with our family. There have been plenty of good traditional food and fun family times. Here is a bunch of pictures of our Christmas week.

Hubby and I celebrated with gift opening in the morning of Christmas eve.
Hubby and I celebrated with gift opening in the morning of Christmas eve.
Christmas Eve dinner table
Christmas Eve dinner table
My brother's birthday cupcakes. The decorations are of his favorite team.
My brother’s birthday cupcakes. The decorations are of his favorite team.
Amazing how few cars at the shopping mall by opening hour. When we left after 1,5 hour most people seemed to arrive.
Amazing how few cars at the shopping mall by opening hour. When we left after 1,5 hour most people seemed to arrive.
Geocaching adventure
Geocaching adventure
Hubby trying to set up our iPad's so everyone can play online. :)
Hubby trying to set up our iPad’s so everyone can play online. 🙂
More Christmas food!
More Christmas food!
The "whole" family around the tabletop pool table.
The “whole” family around the tabletop pool table.

Boule competition

Tonight my team had a get-together planned by myself and a co-worker. We decided on boule and buffet at Boulehallen.

We were 12 people tonight and got divided into 4 groups. The winners of the first matches got to compete in a little final which my team won. After dinner we were presented with our prizes, one gift certificate each for another boule game and a dinner. In total we managed to play four games in the two hour slot we had scheduled. It was a fun evening and boule is actually a game I can play without my body/joints giving me too much troubles.


Game and dinner

Today we've been at my sister-in-law's playing games and preparing dinner together. I did not take part in preparing dinner as my body is still hurting quite a lot, so I rested in the sofa and went up every now and then in order to take pictures. Here is a little picture show of todays happenings:





Right now while I'm writing this I'm listening to the rain outside hitting the window sill. It's been a couple degrees above 0C today, and I don't like that at all. The snow is melting, it's just wet on the roads and if/when it goes below 0C again it will be too icy outside. Why couldn't it just stay at least -5C for 2 more months! 

Av’s practice

Today we went to a Av’s practice session. It was a practice only available to season ticket holders, and we got our tickets through Mathias job. The company has 4 season tickets which we, and another couple got. We had a nice time! It only lasted for approx. 45 minutes, but it was nice to see how a practice session is done.

We also continued playing Empire Builder today. We started playing yesterday but stopped when we got to tired. It’s a very fun game, and Mathias and I enjoy to play it very much. Elisabeth thought it was a little bit complicated to start with, but after a while when she learned more and more she thought it was a good game too.

I also finished the crocheting I started earlier this week. I might have crochet as a child in school sometime I can’t remember, if I did this was the first time I did something useful. Elisabeth taught me how to do some of the stitches. It’s so much fun!


Dinner and Games

We had planned to go up early this morning but we forgot to set our alarm clock. Didn’t matter because it was rainy outside so we couldn’t work in the garden anyway! It was raining almost all day today… good! Now I don’t have to water our bushes by hand!

During the day Mathias worked on the computer trying to get VNC to work on his father computer. His father has some problems so Mathias need to check whats going on. I think they worked for 5 hr getting everything set up correctly. They would have continued if we didn’t have to go out shopping. We had some groceries to buy before the dinner. We also went to Best Buy to check out digital cameras… didn’t have those we found online, though.

Around 5 pm our friends Kelly and Karl came over for dinner and games. We grilled corn and garlic bread and had a pasta and chicken salad. I also made a mustard dressing. It was a very nice and lite dinner…

After the dinner we started to play Linie 1, a German railroad game. It’s a fun game and doesn’t take as long time as Empire Builder. We played one time and then we sat talking. We also enjoyed some chocolate dipped strawberries Kelly had brought. We ended our evening around 8.30 pm. Quite early for us! Normally when we play we stop around midnight, but tonight all of us was quite tired. I’m glad we finished early because I didn’t feel that good. I suppose we have to take a longer game night soon!

Game night

We have just arrived home after an evening playing Empire Builder with our friends Kelly & Karl. A very nice and fun board game, which we have played a lot lately. At first we used to play Euro Rail, but we switched to this game tonight. There are some other versions of this game too, like Moon Rail, which we will try some other time.

Earlier in the day we enjoyed watching the final in Wimbledon. Federer won, which were no surprise. He’s unbelievable good! You can just watch him in amazement. I feel a bit sorry for Roddick though because I believe he’s such a great player too and I really wish he can take another Grand Slam tournament soon.

After the final was over we took a nap. We were very tired since we went up early this morning, and we knew that our game night would result in a late night. If it wasn’t for the game night we would not have taken a nap. I slept for almost 2h.

Now, it’s really time to go to bed. Tomorrow (today really) is Independence day!