Brunch with a view

For the first time in ages we went to Kaknästornet last weekend in order to eat brunch with friends. Luckily we got a message from them while we were in the car informing us that it was a bike race in town so our original plan of driving all the way to the place quickly had to change. We parked the car in the area where we lived before we moved to our house. In order to arrive at the restaurant quicker we decided to take a taxi as far as we could and then walk the rest of the way. The walking turned in to quite the adventure as we had to find paths in the woods. Finally we arrived at Kaknästornet and enjoyed a great brunch with fantastic views! On our way back–we took a better route than through the woods this time–we passed through when the elite bikers rushed through a roundabout.

Walking in the woods.
Walking in the woods.
Part of the brunch table
Part of the brunch table
View towards Stockholm
View towards Stockholm
Kaknästornet - the second tallest building in Sweden (and Scandinavia)
Kaknästornet – the second tallest building in Sweden (and Scandinavia)
Watch out!!
Watch out!!

Gluten free party

Finally we have nice and warm weather this summer and we’ve been able to be outside quite a lot. The past week have been fantastic except one day there in the middle… So, now in August I’ve finally been able to use my summer clothes! 😉

Yesterday we had a “fika” party together with my parents and some friends. As several of us eat gluten free food I thought it could be fun if each of us baked something. Normally when going to parties there won’t be much gluten free food to enjoy. This time we had a fantastic table where everyone could eat and indulge in everything presented on the table…

A table filled with only gluten free choices!
A table filled with only gluten free choices!
A plate filled of yumminess!
A plate filled of yumminess!
Enjoy! :)
Enjoy! 🙂

Road trip: Day 11


Our last hotel night in Skåne at Spångens Gästgivaregård was so disappointing! 😞 Our experience with the dinner last night I mentioned in my last post. At breakfast this morning it turned out that they had forgotten the lactose free food I emailed with the before arrival. That is not acceptable!! Lucky for them I’m not lactose intolerant so I could eat a little butter on the sandwiches but something like that can’t be forgotten in case you have a person really allergic.

I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t make more research about the hotel in advance. I suppose I thought that all hotels I could use with the gift certificate would be fairly equal. Clearly we would have had a much better experience if we had used the gift certificate at one of the hotels in Tällberg (one of our favorite towns to visit for mini weekends and we’ll go there again in 3 weeks!). That would have been a much better use… Oh well, can’t do much about that now…

After breakfast we started driving to Söderåsens National park (B), a 5-minute journey from the hotel which is why you can’t see point A on the map! Unfortunately the fantastic weather we’ve had the past week didn’t show up today so my joints did not feel as good today plus that it was raining when we went to the national park. Instead of walking we drove on one of the few roads you can access with a car. At least we saw a little from the park. Lots of beautiful Beech trees.



Our next stop was at Hovdala Castle (C) where we had decided to meet our old friends, Ulla and Lasse. Ulla used to work as a librarian at the library I visited as a teenager. She’s my favorite librarian ever! 😊



Oh almost forgot, before arriving at the castle we passed by a town which had this sign at the entrance. We passed the sign and I told Mathias he had to go back so I could take a second look… yes, the sign has two UFO!


Next we left Skåne and drove to Älmhult (D) to pick up Mathias’ father before heading to Jönköping where we’ll stay the night. Tomorrow we will go HOME! After almost two weeks away I’m so looking forward to sleep in my own bed again!


Today was the day! Vårruset, my first race. I took it easy most of the afternoon to let my foot and joints rest.

I met up with my rheumatic friends before the race. Hubby joined me in order to look after our bags. My mother-in-law came too.

At 19.35, my group (the last of the 7 groups in the race) was signaled to go. It was quite crowded at the start but by the time we had reached the 1 km mark the road got wider and it was easier to walk.


At the 3 km mark my bad foot had started to hurt, at the 4 km mark my hip decided to join in the party… after 1 hour of walking we were finally at the goal line.

After everyone part of our group (we were 6 in total) had reached the finish line we started to eat of the picnic which is included in the price when signing up a group.

We had just finished our meal when the rain started so we took our things and walked back to the subway station.

Now I have a hurting foot and hip but I’ve enjoyed the evening anyway. Hopefully the two painkillers will make me sleep well tonight!


I love surprises!

Yesterday I had a note in my mailbox that I had a package to pick up at the local “post office” (which in Sweden means the grocery store as all real post offices are shut down). It was from my dear friend Vivi!

Today on my way home from work I picked it up and inside was a card and a purple star shaped candleholder. Perfect gift! Looks great on my kitchen table here in Linköping!

Thanks a million Vivi! 🙂



I’ve had a miserable week all week long. My shoulder is still not OK… my neck is not OK (problems started after my massage on Monday)… my left foot is not OK… and… maybe worst of all I’m so extremely tired most of the time that I just want to be like a bear and hibernate until the Spring! I would miss the Christmas season then which is my favorite holiday of the year so maybe no hibernation after all… 😉

Yesterday I went home early from work because I started to feel like a migraine was coming. It didn’t turn out as bad as it can get but I still had a little headache this morning plus that I was still sensitive to light. Just looking on the phone was bad so sitting in front of the computer, no way! I turned off the alarm clock and got back to sleep again.

I kept my ticket for the 12 o’clock train to Stockholm and I felt a little dizzy when I walked to the train station from the apartment but otherwise it went fine.

Now I’m resting in our sofa with a blanket and candles. Cozy… as the week has felt just awful I figured I deserved a little gift from my luxury kit today. It’s actually the first gift I’ve opened!


Thanks Vivi for the cute little candle holder! ❤