Celebration with burgers

I’ve lived 1/4 of my life in the US so celebrating 4th of July even though we now live in Sweden is important to me. I have so many dear memories from my almost 10 years in Colorado. We moved back to Sweden by choice but some days I miss our life in beautiful CO so much… and right now I can’t wait until February of next year when we will visit the US again, I’m so looking forward to see the Rocky Mountains! 🏔😍

In Sweden we celebrate the day with burgers. When 4th of July happens on a weekday we celebrate during the weekend instead so yesterday we gathered family and friends for an afternoon of BBQ. 

Corn on the cob brushed with herb butter

Good thing we got a big bbq so all burgers fit at the same time! 😉

Lunch is served!

My plate! Yummy!!

Everyone is seated and ready to enjoy the meal.

Culinary highlights

I’m still on medical leave due to my fatigue. I’ve not worked for 7 weeks now and I will continue to be on medical leave for at least 3 more weeks. I was told by my doctor this week that as long as I have difficulties with my concentration and memory I’m not allowed to go back to work. So, I have to find other fun things to occupy my time with… one of them is food! Preferably food without dairy/lactose and grain but on some occasions I do allow myself to eat even those ingredients. If you follow my Instagram you know that I post a lot of images of different food creations, both things I make on my own but also meals that my hubby and I plan and prepare together. Those are actually my favourite moments… cooking together and enjoying a good meal is priceless.

The past weeks we’ve prepared lots of yummy food and as I don’t have anything else fun to write about right now I thought I would share some images of our fantastic dinners. 🙂

Whole chicken on the bbq. First time we tried the rotisserie function.
Thai Chicken with broccoli in the making. Fun to use our wok pan for the bbq to make some new dishes that we normally make on the stove. 


Entrecote and burning rosemary on the bbq


Fried mackerel rum on crisp bread, topped with fresh chives
Stuffed mackerel on the bbq. 
Gluten free pizza with beef tenderloin. Served with bearnaise sause (not shown).
Broccoli and salad drizzled with a lemon and parmesan mixture and grilled chicken thighs. 
Oh and a sandwich cake made by my mother-in-law and myself. 

It’s Friday!

Friday is without a doubt the best day of the week! Two days with the possibility to relax and take it easy and just enjoy all these things I don’t feel I have time for during the workweek. Actually the best part is not having the alarm go off at 5am! 😉 

This weekend started off with a great dinner. Mathias wanted me to come to the area in downtown where he is working so we could try one of all the restaurants he loves in the area. It turned out to be a creperie serving gluten and lactose free food. We shared a fantastic salmon galette and a crepe filled with apples for dessert. A very yummy start to the weekend! 


Reflections of 2015

2015 is about to end and I realise I’ve been extremely bad when it comes to writing in my blog. I’m exceptionally good at posting Instagram pictures though! 🙂 Yesterday I used a feature where I could find my 9 most liked posts of 2015, as well as get a little history of total likes for the year and how many images I’ve posted. I guess there is no surprise that all 9 images are of food and that 7 of 9 contains eggs. 😉


2015 has been a great year… we’ve travelled to Amsterdam, Prague and Nerja (Spain), I’ve turned 40 and enjoyed fantastic celebrations from family and friends and most importantly I’ve worked quite hard in the gym to strengthen my joints throughout the Fall together with a trainer. I promised myself before 2015 that I would focus on healthy food and exercise during 2015 and that has gone well without to many obstacles. I’m really proud of myself for going to the gym after a long day at work despite fatigue and joint pain.

As far as my work life goes I’m still working in the “train factory” and liking it a lot. I’ve taken on more responsibilities during the past year and have grown and feel more comfortable in my new role. I’ve worked almost 8 years as a configuration manager now but have really never thought of myself as “senior”. I’m quite eager to fill in these new shoes and see what will happen during 2016 and how much more I can grown. For several years now I’ve kept a mindmap of what I want to learn and what goals I have and I’m happy that I’ve been able to cross many of them off during the year. I’ve also added a few new exciting challenges to the list.


The not so fun part of 2015 is how it ends (and unfortunately how 2016 will start). Okay maybe I’m too dramatic now but I’m not feeling good in my hip and for the past month I’ve had to take it easy with my exercises and for the past 2 weeks I’ve not been able to go to the gym at all. I have to admit that I do miss going to the gym! 😉 After my cortisone shot in the hip in the beginning of December I was really hopeful in getting back on track again, but the cortisone shot has not helped and I’m in pain more or less all the time and the painkillers rarely work. I have a hard time sitting, standing and laying down. I sleep quite bad and wake up around 4-5 am and it’s impossible to go back to sleep due to the pain. Obviously I’m so tired later in the day that I usually crash on the sofa and sleep for a bit. I’m not good when it comes to setting still and not do anything as that is when all the exciting things I can do pops up in my head. 😩 Oh well, soon I will be able to get a new cortisone shot and I’m also scheduled for a talk with my doctor in two weeks and I hope he gives me a go for a new IV session. I definitely think it is time again…

I wish everyone a Happy New 2016 and I hope I will be better when it comes to writing in my blog. 🙂


Brunch with a view

For the first time in ages we went to KaknĂ€stornet last weekend in order to eat brunch with friends. Luckily we got a message from them while we were in the car informing us that it was a bike race in town so our original plan of driving all the way to the place quickly had to change. We parked the car in the area where we lived before we moved to our house. In order to arrive at the restaurant quicker we decided to take a taxi as far as we could and then walk the rest of the way. The walking turned in to quite the adventure as we had to find paths in the woods. Finally we arrived at KaknĂ€stornet and enjoyed a great brunch with fantastic views! On our way back–we took a better route than through the woods this time–we passed through when the elite bikers rushed through a roundabout.

Walking in the woods.
Walking in the woods.
Part of the brunch table
Part of the brunch table
View towards Stockholm
View towards Stockholm
KaknÀstornet - the second tallest building in Sweden (and Scandinavia)
KaknĂ€stornet – the second tallest building in Sweden (and Scandinavia)
Watch out!!
Watch out!!

Yummy crayfish!

Yesterday we had the first crayfish party of the year at my parents place. The first time eating crayfish each August is without a doubt he best! As always we purchase the fresh ones instead of the frozen as they always taste much better. More expensive, of course, but so worth it! We also had a “VĂ€sterbottenpaj” (pie made with a filling of a Swedish cheese called VĂ€sterbotten) and different cheeses and crackers on the table.

The table is set!
The table is set!
Closeup of the delicacy
Closeup of the delicacy
All ready to be eaten... gluten free toast, mustard and dill sauce and crayfish.
All ready to be eaten… gluten free toast, mustard and dill sauce and crayfish.
Different sizes
Different sizes
Hubby had baked a natural gluten free meringue cake with fresh berries. Perfect end to a great evening!
Hubby had baked a natural gluten free meringue cake with fresh berries. Perfect end to a great evening!

Healthy drink

Golden milk and turmeric paste


For the past five evenings I’ve ended my day with golden milk (also called turmeric milk). This drink is anti inflammatory and helps the immune system, aching joints etc. I thought I would give it a go!

So far I’ve only noticed that I sleep better but anything that will help my well-being and not make it so easy to become sick I must try. If this also helps to further elimit my joint pain (omitting lactose and gluten/grain has been quite noticeable) I’ll be forever grateful.

I’ve made a turmeric paste which I keep in the refrigerator and take a small amount every night and mix with milk and coconut oil and honey (i’ve sometimes omitted this though). It taste extremely yummy! Perfect way to end a day! So far I’ve only tried it with regular cow milk but I’m planning to try almond milk as well so I can drink this and be completely dairy free.

This is the recipe for the turmeric paste I used:

0,5 dL ground turmeric
0,5 dL freshly grated ginger
1 tsp ground black pepper
2 dL water

Mix and boil on medium heat until it becomes a paste. Stir repeatedly while cooking. Put in a small glas bowl and store in the refrigerator.

Recipe for golden milk:

Heat 2 dL of milk of your choice.
Add 1 tsp turmeric paste, 1 tsp coconut oil and 1 tsp honey.