Cherry blossoms

Last week I met up with my mother-in-law at Kungsträdgården in downtown Stockholm in order to see the cherry trees. Beautiful as always! It’s fantastic to walk under the trees and feel that you have a pink ceiling above you.


The nice Spring weather had not arrived yet and it was quite chilly and windy outside so we quickly walked around the trees, took the necessary pictures, and then took the tram to a café where we enjoyed an extremely yummy egg and avocado toast. Just looking at the picture make me want to go back right now. 🙂


Back in business

After almost four weeks being sick I’ve finally had an enjoyable weekend! Not only was it sunny and quite comfortable to be outside most of the time but I’ve also been able to be up and do things. Both yesterday and today I’ve taken a short walk, plus that we’ve managed to fix a few things around the house… Here are (parts of) our weekend in pictures:

Our weather station (indoor and outdoor) is finally up and working.
Our weather station (indoor and outdoor) is finally up and working.
Our numbers on the house is up! We couldn't do it earlier as the house wasn't painted and then it was too cold for a few months.
Our numbers on the house is up! We couldn’t do it earlier as the house wasn’t painted and then it was too cold for a few months.

I’ve also managed to do a little Spring/Easter decoration both outside and inside.

Easter bunnies and daffodils
Easter bunnies and daffodils
A must when Easter is near... "Påskris" (Easter tree) with colourful feathers.
A must when Easter is near… “Påskris” (Easter tree) with feathers. So far this is the only one in the house but I will add more within the next few weeks. I also will put up the witches and a eggs eventually.

And last, but certainly not least we’ve enjoyed BBQ in the sunshine. Today we ate sausage with buns.

All set of lunch. Unfortunately it was not as comfortable to sit outside as it looks because it was a little windy so right after we've eaten we went straight back inside.
All set of lunch. Unfortunately it was not as comfortable to sit outside as it looks because it was a little windy so right after we’ve eaten we went straight back inside.

Tomorrow I’m going back to work again. Finally!! I’m pretty sure the first few days will be a little rough but I’m so happy to finally be doing something useful again.

Caring for grandma

When my (paternal) grandmother passed away a few years ago I kept one of her plants. It is an ivy but I’m not sure of the english name for this particular type of ivy. I nicknamed it “farmor” (grandmother in Swedish). It has been standing in our kitchen ever since and one of the branches grew pretty long but didn’t look too healthy so I decided it was time to replant it to give it more energy. The almost completely yellow branch was removed and the rest replanted in a new pot. Now it looks strong and healthy again.

Replanted ivy
Replanted ivy

At the bottom of the branch we removed was three healthy leaves so I decided I should try to get them growing and get more ivy plants. I do not have green fingers so I’m not sure how it will turn out but got to try it out.

My three cuttings from the original ivy plant.
My three cuttings from the original ivy plant.


Wood anemone

We spent the afternoon/evening at my parents today.

Next to their house a lot of wood anemones are growing. I love that flower. It’s so fantastic in the Spring (okay it’s officially summer now according to the Swedish weather service SMHI) when this beautiful flower adorns the nature like a carpet.




Here is my hubby and father on the porch.


Yesterday my father came home from the hospital after his hip surgery so I made cupcakes for him. Baked them with tiny chocolate pieces inside. Yummy!


Now we are waiting for my hubby to serve dinner. BBQ’d pork tenderloin. For the first time this year well enjoy our dinner outside! 🙂


Garden Society

As the weather was quite nice today we decided to visit Trädgårdsföreningen (The Garden Society) which is located nearby the center of Linköping. Neither of us have been there before and we figured it wouldn’t be so much to see just yet considering how early in the Spring it is, but away we went anyway!

I’m sure this is a fantastic place when it’s green and flowers “everywhere” so need to go back a little later. We did see crocus though! I’ve seen it inside the gates of where I work but as I’m not allowed to take any photos there these are the first Spring flowers I’ve captured this year!


We enjoyed a little coffee break in the park and sat outside in the sun for the first time this year. I ate a yummy blueberry pie with ice cream.


Kitchen window

Yesterday we passed by a flower shop and as I was looking for a wreath in order to make a Easter decoration (got very inspired when I saw a picture in a magazine recently) we made a stop. Didn’t find a wreath but I found lots if other nice stuff which made me want to redecorate the kitchen window!

With the help from the florist I picked flowers and decorations that would fit in a flower pot I found. It turned into a cute pink dream! I also found a pre made flower arrangement in a tall pot as well as a very cool lizard! Best part is that neither of the flowers require plenty of water so no worry if I forget to water!

Now my kitchen window looks fantastic if I do say so myself. The only problem is that almost half of the window sill is empty so guess what I’ll do next weekend! 😉




Spring yet?

After work today I went in to town in order to do some shopping. I wanted a new flower to cheer up my living room.

I found several arrangements I could have gotten. Luckily they are too heavy to carry more than one! 😉 The one I picked made me feel like Spring is here. Considering the nasty weather lately I wish Spring would be here tomorrow. Right now it’s one day with cold and snow, the next day warmer so it starts melting and then cold again so it’s only ice everywhere, and then the circle continues. I’m so sick of it! I so wish it could stay cold until it’s time for the snow to melt away.

But, at least I got a nice flower arrangement to cheer me up! 🙂


Now I just need to purchase a vase too so I can get some fresh tulips! That will truly make my apartment feel like Spring time!