Celebration with burgers

I’ve lived 1/4 of my life in the US so celebrating 4th of July even though we now live in Sweden is important to me. I have so many dear memories from my almost 10 years in Colorado. We moved back to Sweden by choice but some days I miss our life in beautiful CO so much… and right now I can’t wait until February of next year when we will visit the US again, I’m so looking forward to see the Rocky Mountains! 🏔😍

In Sweden we celebrate the day with burgers. When 4th of July happens on a weekday we celebrate during the weekend instead so yesterday we gathered family and friends for an afternoon of BBQ. 

Corn on the cob brushed with herb butter

Good thing we got a big bbq so all burgers fit at the same time! 😉

Lunch is served!

My plate! Yummy!!

Everyone is seated and ready to enjoy the meal.

It’s green!

This past weekend we invited our family over in order to help out with fixing our lawn. We had bought 200 square meters of grass rolls and we figured it would be quicker to get it done if we had some help from our loved ones. A good thing with living so close to each other! 😊 

My parents came earlier and helped Mathias get rid off the weeds. I had done a tiny bit on Friday. First off I totally dislike yard work, always have… and secondly my hip still didn’t enjoy too much moving around. I managed to get rid of the weeds in the front section where I didn’t have to bend my legs but the rest I left for others to take care off. 

The rest of our family available to help out came around 10am and they started working. My chore of the day was to be the official photographer… 😉📸

How shall we do this? Every job starts with some discussions…
Lots of grass rolls! And we had one more pile not seen in this picture.
The first grass rolls on the ground!
Since we have a stone wall at the front some detailed cuting was needed.
Front yard finished!
The side of the yard was bigger plus that is has a slope so this one was trickier.
Hubby and his niece having fun carrying grass rolls.
The side yard is also finished! Now all we need to do is water, water, water…
Of course you need to treat your happy helpers with food! Hamburgers and chips!

It’s actually quite amazing to look out from the windows and see a green lawn. We’ve had rocks and dirt for two years now so this is a huge change! 

Thanks to everyone who helped out, we truly appreciate it! ❤️ 

Reflections of 2015

2015 is about to end and I realise I’ve been extremely bad when it comes to writing in my blog. I’m exceptionally good at posting Instagram pictures though! 🙂 Yesterday I used a feature where I could find my 9 most liked posts of 2015, as well as get a little history of total likes for the year and how many images I’ve posted. I guess there is no surprise that all 9 images are of food and that 7 of 9 contains eggs. 😉


2015 has been a great year… we’ve travelled to Amsterdam, Prague and Nerja (Spain), I’ve turned 40 and enjoyed fantastic celebrations from family and friends and most importantly I’ve worked quite hard in the gym to strengthen my joints throughout the Fall together with a trainer. I promised myself before 2015 that I would focus on healthy food and exercise during 2015 and that has gone well without to many obstacles. I’m really proud of myself for going to the gym after a long day at work despite fatigue and joint pain.

As far as my work life goes I’m still working in the “train factory” and liking it a lot. I’ve taken on more responsibilities during the past year and have grown and feel more comfortable in my new role. I’ve worked almost 8 years as a configuration manager now but have really never thought of myself as “senior”. I’m quite eager to fill in these new shoes and see what will happen during 2016 and how much more I can grown. For several years now I’ve kept a mindmap of what I want to learn and what goals I have and I’m happy that I’ve been able to cross many of them off during the year. I’ve also added a few new exciting challenges to the list.


The not so fun part of 2015 is how it ends (and unfortunately how 2016 will start). Okay maybe I’m too dramatic now but I’m not feeling good in my hip and for the past month I’ve had to take it easy with my exercises and for the past 2 weeks I’ve not been able to go to the gym at all. I have to admit that I do miss going to the gym! 😉 After my cortisone shot in the hip in the beginning of December I was really hopeful in getting back on track again, but the cortisone shot has not helped and I’m in pain more or less all the time and the painkillers rarely work. I have a hard time sitting, standing and laying down. I sleep quite bad and wake up around 4-5 am and it’s impossible to go back to sleep due to the pain. Obviously I’m so tired later in the day that I usually crash on the sofa and sleep for a bit. I’m not good when it comes to setting still and not do anything as that is when all the exciting things I can do pops up in my head. 😦 Oh well, soon I will be able to get a new cortisone shot and I’m also scheduled for a talk with my doctor in two weeks and I hope he gives me a go for a new IV session. I definitely think it is time again…

I wish everyone a Happy New 2016 and I hope I will be better when it comes to writing in my blog. 🙂


Gluten free party

Finally we have nice and warm weather this summer and we’ve been able to be outside quite a lot. The past week have been fantastic except one day there in the middle… So, now in August I’ve finally been able to use my summer clothes! 😉

Yesterday we had a “fika” party together with my parents and some friends. As several of us eat gluten free food I thought it could be fun if each of us baked something. Normally when going to parties there won’t be much gluten free food to enjoy. This time we had a fantastic table where everyone could eat and indulge in everything presented on the table…

A table filled with only gluten free choices!
A table filled with only gluten free choices!
A plate filled of yumminess!
A plate filled of yumminess!
Enjoy! :)
Enjoy! 🙂

Yummy crayfish!

Yesterday we had the first crayfish party of the year at my parents place. The first time eating crayfish each August is without a doubt he best! As always we purchase the fresh ones instead of the frozen as they always taste much better. More expensive, of course, but so worth it! We also had a “Västerbottenpaj” (pie made with a filling of a Swedish cheese called Västerbotten) and different cheeses and crackers on the table.

The table is set!
The table is set!
Closeup of the delicacy
Closeup of the delicacy
All ready to be eaten... gluten free toast, mustard and dill sauce and crayfish.
All ready to be eaten… gluten free toast, mustard and dill sauce and crayfish.
Different sizes
Different sizes
Hubby had baked a natural gluten free meringue cake with fresh berries. Perfect end to a great evening!
Hubby had baked a natural gluten free meringue cake with fresh berries. Perfect end to a great evening!

Shopping with the guys

My husband and brother have been very eager for the release of Apple Watch here in Sweden and yesterday after work we went to the Apple Store in Täby. Turned out that it was necessary to reserve an appointment in order to try the watch so they had no luck yesterday. My brother managed to get a time right at opening of the shopping mall today instead. So, today I went shopping with the guys… 

First off, of course, the Apple Store… We were not alone waiting for them to open 😉 


 Next, Hugo Boss…

And, when shopping with the guys a visit to the car shop was necessary…  

I have to admit I did take a quick visit in the Sephora store while the guys went towards one of the other stores. I’m not complaining though, most often I think they are bored with me because of all the stores I want to visit. Lucky for them my joints did not cooperate with me today so I was not up for a “true” shopping mall visit. 


For the past two weeks we’ve been on vacation. There are two words which can describe this period: hard work and illness.

My father, brother and hubby have worked with our new patio. They have done major progress but we are still far from being finished. In total the patio will be ~100 square meters.





My hubby has also started painting the garage! The house we’ll have professional painters do but he decided to save some money and paint the garage by himself. My father-in-law has joined in a few days doing some painting as well. The front of the garage is all finished and looking so great with the olive green color!



On the first day of our vacation I went to the hospital for my second infusion of Mabthera. The actual treatment went very well and I did not experience any side effects. Afterwards I did get tired but it was not as extreme as after the first infusion. I did rest a lot during the first few days. I also noticed a little nausea which turned to the worse 3 days after the hospital visit. I could barely eat anything except banana and crackers. After a few days with this and feeling extra crappy after eating breakfast and taking my morning meds and figured that maybe it wasn’t only Mabthera to blame but also my other new RA pill–this medicine is called Imurel–I’ve been taking for the past month. I was expecting a phone call from the hospital to hear back on my blood work because Imurel has been playing yo-yo with my liver and when the doctor finally called I was told to stop with Imurel. Not only was the blood result not good in regards to my liver but she said that it was most likely to blame for my stomach issues too. So, no Imurel for two weeks and then new blood work again. For the past three days I’ve been feeling much better! I only wish I’d felt like this during the whole vacation!

During the periods when I haven’t felt like crap my mother and I was baking on the grill! We’ve tried it three different times of sponge cake and baked oat crumpets. Major success! I’ll write a post soon about our new fantastic grill: Big green egg!


Tomorrow it’s back to work again! Our vacation might be over but we still have plenty of more weeks to enjoy the Swedish summer!