Mission accomplished!

For the fourth year in a row I signed up to participate in Vårruset–a 5K race for women every year in May–together with 5 of my rheumatic friends. We always sign up together as a group as we then receive a picnic basket to enjoy after the race.

For the first time in 4 years we actually had fantastic weather all evening long. Previous years we’ve had clouds, wind, rain and even freezing cold. To be able to walk the race in short sleeves was amazing! To not mention actually taking time to enjoy the picnic afterwards.

For two years now I’ve had major issues with my hip but with the help from my physical therapist in addition to cortisone shots when the pain/inflammation as been to severe I’ve managed to have it more or less under control. During the past 2 weeks I’ve walked longer distances (two times just over 4K and once 5K) in order to prepare for the race and have not had any major issues with the hip. My wish for the race was to be able to be under the one hour mark and I’m very proud to say that I did manage to accomplish it! 😃

Runkeeper stats

Towards the end of the race I started to get an intense pain in my hip plus problems with my left foot. I did not slow down though because I was focused on getting to the finish line “in time”. I also had a friend walking with me so I was able ignore the pain pretty good while talking to her.

On my way home after the race the pain got worse and when I got off the bus around 5 minutes from home I could not walk anymore due to the pain. Luckily my hubby was there and walked home and came back with the car to pick me up. I had a hard time fall asleep but after awhile I guess the painkillers finally kicked in as I did manage to sleep around midnight.

I’m still in pain this morning so I guess pain killers will be my best friend today. I’m hoping to be back to normal pretty soon. When I’ve walked these distances the past weeks I’ve not gotten issues with my hip but I haven’t pushed myself for a specific time then instead I’ve always walked slower in order to actually manage to reach the distance I wanted to accomplish.

I’m also extremely happy to have managed to participate in the race considering my fatigue. As its always lots of music and noise during a race I did bring ear plugs but never used them.

Considering everything with the hip and fatigue I’m so proud of myself for participating yesterday! Major accomplishment and maybe a good sign that I’m on track of getting better.


Sunny and warm!


We have arrived! After a plus 6 hour flight yesterday–the plan had to take a longer route due to a flight control strike–we arrived to a sunny and warm Fuerteventura!

Yesterday evening we went on a little tour of the resort provided by the “Må Bra”-team–a Swedish health magazine which is one if the organizers of the trip. We also attended a little get-together before dinner. After that we went straight to the hotel room to unpack and go to bed. Traveling makes you extra tired!

Today we woke up, got dressed and joined the others in a Qi Gong exercise on the beach while the sun came up. Great way to start the day! I think the breakfast tasted extra good after this little exercise! 😊

We also attended a “lecture” about food and training before going on the second exercise of the day, a dance class called HouseMoves. Very intensive with difficult steps but fun. I only managed to attend for 20 minutes and then my hip and foot started to complain so I had to stop. I enjoyed listening to the music and watched the others instead.

In the afternoon we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the warm sunshine, great views and a nice conversation!



There is an underground tram in order to not have to walk up all of the stairs to the different buildings (4 in total) along the hillside. It’s not the quickest transportation method so today we decided to find the stairs instead.


The schedule of the week is quite intensive. They offer many classes each day! Too many for me as I’m not in a shape yet to attend several in a day. I’m hoping I’ll manage to attend two tomorrow. 🙂

Hello 2014!

2014 started like most other new year’s… fireworks and then going to bed around 2 am which as always resulted in a VERY LAZY first day of the year. 🙂 Went to bed at 9 pm last night in order to catch up and after 11 hours of sleep I’m feeling like myself again. Staying up until 2 am really put my whole body and not to mention my joints into a very bad mood. If I didn’t like watching all the fireworks starting off the new year I would so go to bed earlier. Seems so stupid really that the first day of the year is a lazy day instead of a day full of energy. 😉

Now its 2014 and I have 363 days in front of me. I’ve opened the book of 2014 and can fill it with whatever content I want. So exciting!!! My major plan for 2014 is to continue with concentrating on my health. I’ve lost some weight during the past 6 months and I plan on loosing much more during the next 12 months. Exercise and good eating habits will continue to be my key in life.

During the last months of 2013 I finally managed to lower my daily cortisone dose with 1/4 of a pill (2,5 milligram). Might not sound like much but for me it’s a HUGE step! I’ve never managed to follow the plan my doctor set out for me because as soon as I started lowering the dose my body reacted immediately. My dear hubby came up with another solution which worked wonders. I start taking a lower dose every fourth day for the first two weeks, then every third day for the next two weeks etc. After 2,5 months I finally managed to be on the lower dose for 7 days in a row without any issues.  I will start 2014 with trying to lower the dose with another 1/4 of a pill. Pretty soon I’ll be down to only taking 2,5 milligram of cortisone a day. I’m hoping to get rid off that pill too though.

I already have several fun things to look forward to this year… new job, new house, a training trip to Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands) with a friend and two races. The short distance race (5 km) is at the end of May and the longer race (10km) in November. I’m considering a 10 km race in September as well but haven’t decided on that one yet.



Today was the day! Vårruset, my first race. I took it easy most of the afternoon to let my foot and joints rest.

I met up with my rheumatic friends before the race. Hubby joined me in order to look after our bags. My mother-in-law came too.

At 19.35, my group (the last of the 7 groups in the race) was signaled to go. It was quite crowded at the start but by the time we had reached the 1 km mark the road got wider and it was easier to walk.


At the 3 km mark my bad foot had started to hurt, at the 4 km mark my hip decided to join in the party… after 1 hour of walking we were finally at the goal line.

After everyone part of our group (we were 6 in total) had reached the finish line we started to eat of the picnic which is included in the price when signing up a group.

We had just finished our meal when the rain started so we took our things and walked back to the subway station.

Now I have a hurting foot and hip but I’ve enjoyed the evening anyway. Hopefully the two painkillers will make me sleep well tonight!


Ready… set…


It’s always nice to come home and see what interesting stuff has arrived in the mailbox during my days away! This week I got my number (and paperwork) for the Vårruset race on May 27. Now it really feels close!

I’m not so nervous about the 5K I have to walk. I’ve walked plenty lately so I know my foot will survive the exercise. I’m more nervous in regards to having to stand up and wait before the race starts and to sit down in the grass for the picnic afterwards. I need to try to find some type of small camping chair I can use. (Hubby will take care of it for me during the race).

Next week I should probably try to find some type of suitable clothing for the race. Need something that is good both during the actual race and before/after.

This will be my first race and I’ll try to enjoy every minute of it. I hope the weather is nice as that makes my joints cooperate with what my mind wants!

Oh I also got the one day spa ticket for two I purchased for half the price some weeks ago. It’s not valid until the end of summer though so no need to look forward to that just yet! 🙂

Proud walker!

All of you that follow my blog regularly know of my foot issues due to rheumatoid arthritis. It never seem to get back to normal and on my checkup appointment the past Monday the doctor decided it was time for an x-ray. I’ve had issues for a year now but have not needed a cortisone shot since last June. In two weeks I’ll know the result from the x-ray. He didn’t notice any issues with it just checking the joints “manually” so he said it was fine to walk on as normal despite my hurting foot.

So today as it is a holiday (Labor day), I’m all alone in Linköping and the weather is great I decided to check how far I could walk. I have the race I’ve signed up for in the end of May and I’ve not been able to exercise at all more than the normal walking I do daily. So, out and about in Linköping I went…

I did make a few stops such as visiting a museum (more about that in a upcoming post) at which time I paused my Runkeeper app but in total I walked:


I’m extremely proud of myself!



Today I received my race number for Vårruset which I signed up for earlier this year. I so want to participate in the race next Tuesday but I feel uncertain about it due to my foot plus the fact that I’ve not been able to prepare for it.

I’m really divided as far as what to do! One part of me says go for it and the other to not push my foot too far as I really don’t want any more problems with it. I know I have it in me to walk the 5 kilometers because I walked a lot more than that when we visited Madeira in mid-March, BUT, it was warm there then and not the unpredictable Swedish Spring climate we have here which takes my joints on a roller coaster ride.

During my evening walk today I stepped wrong on the sidewalk and “twisted” my foot a little bit and now it hurts every time I use my foot. Not good!! I hope it feels better tomorrow so I can take a little walk then too. I really want to walk every day now so I get a better feeling of how my foot is doing. I’m only walking 2 km right now so I’m a long way from 5 km but better than not walking at all.

I guess I won’t make a final decision until the day of the race. If the weather is bad I will not be in the race as that will cause issues for my joints no matter if I’m prepared or not! So please, pretty please make it warm and sunny that day so I at least can have a chance of trying.