Messy sidewalks

It surprises me how different property owners handle their sidewalks. The big snow storm was two weeks ago and when I returned to Linköping this weekend I figured the sidewalks would be shoveled nicely. Well most are… but some clearly don’t care about pedestrians, or the fact that their company could get sued if someone falls and get hurt.

When I walk to the bus station in the morning (a 15 minute walk) most of the sidewalks look something like this:


And when I reach the next block on the same road it looks like this:


The block after that is nice and clean again! I wish I could just fly over the messy sidewalk! I get muscle soreness just thinking about it. 😉

Dry cleaning

I’m lazy when it comes to certain things and one of those is doing the laundry of some special items, like my husband’s pants and tablecloths.

My husband’s pants were still dirty (I’ll complain about that) and my nice Christmas tablecloth were just ugly! I’ve never seen someone fold a finer tablecloth this badly.


Now the question is if I should try to find another dry cleaner or if I should take care off it myself!

Sunshine please!

I’ve been looking forward to this extended weekend (Ascension day tomorrow which is a public holiday and on Friday my company is closed) for months and now I just want to hide under a blanket and not move a joint in my body! 😦 Some days I seriously hate having RA!!

We’ve had fantastic weather for days and today it’s cloudy and a little rainy and my body reacts instantly! Actually I felt quite fine when I woke up this morning and just a few others later not so much…

I’m just hoping the weather will be fine in London so I’ll feel better and can enjoy the trip. I’m not having too high hopes though as when I checked the weather forecast yesterday the upcoming days seemed to include clouds and rain, and not a tiny bit of sunshine.

I better pack plenty of painkillers!!!

Pasta nerd

I love pasta, in all shapes and flavors, and with salad or sauce or just "natural". The last option is how I sometimes each my spaghetti for lunch when I'm not feeling like doing anything else. Normally I just cook it with a vegetable fond and once ready to eat I have some butter, spices and, if we have it at home, shredded cheese. Today I decided to make it a little fancier, I still used the vegetable fond when boiling, but then used cocktail tomatoes and salad cheese (the brand is called Valio salladsost and has a much better taste than feta cheese) in the dish. I also used a spice mix we bought in Denver at the Savory Spice shop called "The Foothills Salad Seasoning"–if you follow the link you can see what it contains–and I have to say the dish came out very tasty.


I didn't have any fresh herbs at home otherwise I'm sure that would have made the dish even tastier!

After lunch I went into town to attend the information meeting at Arbetsförmedlingen I mentioned in an earlier post, and it was just as boring and useless as I thought. I knew everything he talked about already. If someone is lazy and not sure on AF's purpose or how to use a website then this meeting would be a perfect thing but for everyone else not so much. It's interesting though to sit in a room with 60 complete strangers waiting on a speaker. In the US people would have started talking to each other and interacted a bit but here it was dead quiet. People just looked at their papers–everyone got a handout of the presentation–or their mobile phones. Part of me wanted to strike up a conversation with the people sitting next to me, but the other (Swedish) part of me won in the end. 

Annoying car drivers

What is it with some car drivers in regards to just having to pass by a crosswalk so quickly? I mean, I don’t care if they drive when I’ve “cleared the way” with a meter or more, but do they really have to drive when I’ve just passed them with around 10 centimeters? It’s not extremely hard to have the foot on the brake for some extra seconds as they have stopped already anyway. Maybe I’m more sensitive to this then others, but I have been hit by a car once (10 years ago now) and it does NOT feel good! I was lucky though, I had a huge shoulder bag full of books between myself and the car, and the car did not travel very fast as they turned left and just ignored the fact that someone was walking, and yes, it was a green (white really as it was in the US) light. It was in downtown Denver so it shouldn’t have come to an extreme surprise to them that someone was using the crosswalk. In other parts of Denver it’s another story as people tend to look strangely at you when you do use the sidewalk, not that that give them any right to hit a pedestrian! Anyway, PLEASE car drivers, be considerate of the “poor people” walking!

On a happier note… my interview today went well and now I need to wait until the end of next week to hear back from them. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me in regards to getting a positive response from either (or both!) company!

I forgot to post pictures of the Adolf Fredrik church yesterday. I had two hours in between two of my meetings, and even if I walked slowly from Odenplan (3 blocks north of it to be more exact) to Hötorget I still had extra time to spend and I didn’t feel like shopping so I went into the church for some quiet time. I think I sat there for 30-35 minutes or so. Very nice and peaceful. I can’t remember if I’ve been into that church before (I know I’ve been outside as Olof Palme is buried there) but it’s very beautiful:




It’s not like I’ve ever seen an ugly church, but some of them are nicer then others and I do like the ones that are “bright” with lots of natural light coming in.

As always I light a candle when I’m in church as that is a perfect time to reflect and think about all dear people in my life that are no longer with me, either due to age or illness.



For days I've been searching the apartment for a white spool of thread. I've just not been able to figure out where I put it, and I've been looking in all, to me, logical places for where it should have been. Imagine my surprise when I was putting clean dishes into one of the kitchen cabinets this morning and right beside the mugs and side plates I found it! I couldn't help myself but I started giggling. Mathias was in the shower at the time so when he came into the kitchen again I told him to look in the cabinet and see if he noticed anything. Right away he saw the spool. The funny thing is that I've been in that cabinet plenty of times during the past days and I just haven't noticed the spool at all! It's quite a weird place to put it in though, and I clearly didn't think logically at the time! At least the mystery is solved now… 😀

Today I went to the occupational therapist for the first time. I won't post more about that here as I now have a specific blog for RA related stuff. You can find the link in my blogroll on the left–of course to be able to see this you need to be on the actual blog and not in a blog reader or a email subscriber–or at 

And, lastly, I just have a question I want to put "out there". What is it with smokers that think they have the right to just leave the cigarette buds everywhere in nature. People are not allowed to litter in any other case so why should they be? This is just not a case for Sweden as I've seen this in the US as well, it's just that it hit me today when I walked out of the subway station and a guy right in front of me threw his cigarette bud on the street and just left it there. It's so disgusting with all the cigarette buds everywhere. Why can't people throw away their stuff instead of litter down everywhere? I guess that is another mystery to be solved, and I'm sure this annoys more people than just me… 

So rude!!

I'm sorry to say it but sometimes Swedes just annoys me! And now it has happened so many times that I got to write about it. I think the tip of the ice berg was today (and the first time I noticed this particular thing was when I came back to Sweden after my first 9 months in the US)

Mathias and I was standing trying to decided what ice cream to order in a café. It's one of this places which has the little ice cream stand by a corner and it's not particularly big so it was just barely enough for two people looking at the different choices in order to decide what to pick. Then suddenly a family of 4 came up behind us and it didn't matter that two other people were in front of them, they just had to see all the choices and basically tried to cut in front of us. Obviously they didn't succeed! They couldn't manage to move to the side when we had gotten our ice cream either because they just tried to get up front. Show some respect for your fellow human beings please!!! The world does not revolve around you… 

Above just don't happen in other places. Granted I've not been to every culture in the world, and true for the past 10 years I've spent most of the time in the US culture, but I've never come across anything like that happening there. Why can't people just take the time and let other people make their choices. It's so rude I can't get over it…

Now to something "happier"… Mathias prepared blueberry pancakes today. Normally I just eat blueberries as topping to the already made pancakes but Mathias tried to put in some blueberries when he made them in the pan. OMG! It was SO YUMMY! I'm in heaven right now! 😀