Candy land

We are now finished with all of the Christmas candy of this year. We’ve sticked with a few favorites such as knäckischoklad, (follow the links for information of the candy in English) and almond paste balls dipped in chocolate with an almond on top. I’ve also tried two new types this year. One is the ischoklad but with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and the other was a recipes I found several years ago called snow balls. The main ingredients of the snow balls are oatmeal, coconut flakes and lime.

Christmas candy of 2013
Christmas candy of 2013
A little treat on a Sunday evening, our homemade candy and glögg
A little treat on a Sunday evening, our homemade candy and glögg

Saturday adventures

Today we’ve been geocaching. We’ve found 6 caches in different parts of Linköping. One of the caches was by my workplace. It’s too many people there during the weekdays so I’ve never tried to find it. The cache was fairly close to the airplane by the main entrance.


We also visited the factory store of Cloetta where we bought plenty of yummy chocolate and candy.


In the evening we went for dinner at New York Legends together with a cousin. I ordered a very tasty chicken burger.


Geocaches found today:

Halloween goodies


I forgot to post a picture yesterday of the goodies I brought to work!

I made the chocolate balls I mentioned the other day and used food color to make the pearl sugar black and orange. Couldn’t find a orange color though so I hade to make it myself by mixing red and yellow bottles.

For some reason that mix of colors tasted a little weird. It was still possible to eat it but the black version tasted much better. Maybe I used too much color when I had to mix the two. Don’t know but all of the chocolate balls were eaten so it couldn’t taste too bad then. 🙂

Chocolate pralines

On my way home from work yesterday I bought some pretty yummy chocolate pralines from the store Kahls in Kista Galleria. I’ve never bought chocolate there before so it was interesting to try. I bought 6 different versions, 3 of the versions I bought multiple pralines of and the rest individual pieces. I’m definitily buying there again some other time! Perfect ending after a busy work week.