Happy 38th!

Today is my 38th birthday. Happy birthday to me! 🙂

I started celebrating yesterday already with a afternoon tea party for my family. I had the party at my parents house as more people will be able to sit together around the table there. Here at home I can fit barely 8 in the kitchen.

I made three types of sandwiches, two traditional ones–one with egg and the other with cucumber–and the last one a ham and veggie bite on rye bread which was cut into small round pieces. My mom made her fantastic lemon cake squares and I made cupcakes. As I love purple I wanted to go with that theme for the cupcakes so I put lavender in the muffin and purple sugar paste flowers on top. I also came up with the idea to put a lilac ribbon on each of the cupcakes. That was probably the most tricky and tedious thing. Hubby and I had to do a little teamwork to get them all attached nicely.

Table is all set for guests to arrive.
Table is all set for guests to arrive.
Table decorations. Wine glasses upside down with flowers and tea lights on top (not visible).
Table decorations. Wine glasses upside down with flowers and tea lights on top (not visible).
Lavender cupcakes and lemon cake squares.
Lavender cupcakes and lemon cake squares.

I love afternoon tea but I’ve never had my own party before . I’ve “only” been to The Ritz in London and Grand Hotel here in Stockholm. It was a lot of fun to have my own party and it’s definitely not the last time! 🙂

Today I met up with my parents for lunch. It’s “shrimp sandwich day” here in Sweden today and whoever came up with it couldn’t have picked a better day for it as I love everything with shrimp and in particular shrimp sandwich! So, of course we had to go to the best shrimp sandwich serving café in town.  After lunch we took a 2,5 km walk this sunny and colorful Fall day.

Best shrimp sandwich ever!
Best shrimp sandwich ever!
Love walking in big piles of leaves.
Love walking in big piles of leaves.
Beautiful Fall!
Beautiful Fall!

My evening ended with hubby’s homemade hot chicken wings. I have a cold and it has felt worse for each day the past 4 days so nothing better than to scare it away with hot wings! 🙂 And lots of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with that.

Birthday party

Yesterday it was time for our birthday celebration of my hubby. We had invited the whole family to late lunch/early dinner at my parents place and the weather was very cooperative. Sunny and warm, around 27 degrees C. Perfect time to be by the water as its a little bit cooler there.

Hubby had decided to grill a whole rib eye (almost 2 kilos). He marinated/covered it with a herb coating and used basil, tarragon, oregano, flat leafed parsley, rosemary and thyme. We served the meat with a homemade potato salad plus a green salad.



For dessert I’d made cupcakes. I did two versions: one with licorice and a lemon and licorice topping and the other with crushed chocolate and a raspberry and sugar paste flower topping. Both versions turned out great! As hubby is a major licorice fan it was fun to make treat especially for him. I’m the chocolate lover! 😄


4th of July

Even if we don’t live in the US anymore we think it’s fun to celebrate 4th of July a little bit. We always eat burgers, this was the first year (first time period) we made chicken burgers as I’ve decided to skip eating red meat.

Hubby found a chicken burger recipe with onion, tomato and spices mixed in with the minced chicken. Tasted yummy!


I also made 4th of July cupcakes this year. Hey, no celebration/holiday nowadays without me making cupcakes! 😉


I colored the dough blue when I baked the muffins yesterday. When hubby ate a bite of it today he just looked at it wondering if it was Halloween. They do look a little “spooky” on the inside! 😬


Gastronomic evening

Get ready for a lot of food pictures, because tonight we have been in food heaven! 😋

Mathias decided a while back to reserve a table for tonight at Gastrologik. A one week late anniversary dinner and a celebration of being together full time again after my 10 months in Linköping.

They don’t have a fixed menu and when you get to the restaurant you get a blank menu with the two choices: three or six courses. We decided on the six course menu but in reality we got 19 different items/plates. Each like a different little art piece. We’ve been to plenty of fancy restaurants but this is without a doubt the one with the best layout and thought in regards to plate design and the one with so many fantastic ingredients that the taste buds got a big surprise for each new plate arriving at the table.

Here are the pictures from the first item until the last one.


















A fantastic evening! I truly recommend this place! The fun thing is that you can go there within a week or two and the menu will be completely different.

Happy Midsummer!

As always on Midsummer eve we’ve spent it at my parents. Good food, good company and mostly good weather… A few too many hurting joints but I’ve enjoyed the day anyway with a few naps in the sofa.

The celebration started with pickled herring for lunch. I made three types, one of which I’ve never tried before. For dinner we ate BBQ and for afternoon coffee and dessert after dinner we ate my mom’s traditional Midsummer cake – the highlight of Midsummer!


We always sleep over as well and I’m hoping I’ll wake up to a beautiful sunny summer morning tomorrow so I can enjoy breakfast outdoors.

Sweden’s National Day


Today we’ve celebrated Sweden’s national day. As our planned dinner for tonight was BBQ ribs we went out to my parents before lunch in order to prepare the meat. When the ribs were on the grill we ate a lunch consisting of grapefruit and cottage cheese. A perfect lunch for a warm day!


The afternoon we spent on the porch enjoying the sunshine. After 4 hours on the BBQ it was finally time to serve dinner and later on cupcakes for dessert.



Perfect day!