Candy land

We are now finished with all of the Christmas candy of this year. We’ve sticked with a few favorites such as knäckischoklad, (follow the links for information of the candy in English) and almond paste balls dipped in chocolate with an almond on top. I’ve also tried two new types this year. One is the ischoklad but with white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and the other was a recipes I found several years ago called snow balls. The main ingredients of the snow balls are oatmeal, coconut flakes and lime.

Christmas candy of 2013
Christmas candy of 2013
A little treat on a Sunday evening, our homemade candy and glögg
A little treat on a Sunday evening, our homemade candy and glögg

Christmas prep

Today we’ve done the first of the Christmas preparations for the upcoming Christmas dinners.


I made two types of pickled herring this year. The first one is the same one as I’ve done the past (two?) years, pickled herring with glögg(mulled and spiced wine). The second one is a new recipe I found when searching the net. I really wanted to try a saffron based pickled herring this year and I’m looking forward to try it tomorrow! I modified the recipe a little bit because I didn’t want to have garlic in it. I think I ought to create my own pickled herring recipes some day.

Mathias made a candy called knäck (a type of toffee). There could be no Christmas without it! The ingredients of knäck are whipping cream, syrup and almonds.

I also wrapped all of our gifts and somehow managed to use all the 10 meters of gift string on 6 gifts. =)

Tomorrow we have a few more to do items and then we’re ready for Christmas!

Halloween goodies


I forgot to post a picture yesterday of the goodies I brought to work!

I made the chocolate balls I mentioned the other day and used food color to make the pearl sugar black and orange. Couldn’t find a orange color though so I hade to make it myself by mixing red and yellow bottles.

For some reason that mix of colors tasted a little weird. It was still possible to eat it but the black version tasted much better. Maybe I used too much color when I had to mix the two. Don’t know but all of the chocolate balls were eaten so it couldn’t taste too bad then. 🙂

Chocolate balls

I think it’s about time to post a recipe on my blog again. This recipe is perfect if you want to make a simple “candy” and be done in around 20 minutes… It’s quick, easy and most importantly very yummy!

Chocolate balls


100 gram butter
1 tbs cocoa powder
4 tbs sugar
3 dl oatmeal
1 tbs water

Mix everything (by hand or with a hand mixer). Roll into small balls (this recipe makes around 20).

Spread out coconut flakes, sprinkles or pearl sugar (pictured) on a plate and roll the small chocolate balls in it. Put in the refrigerator before serving.

Enjoy! 🙂

Ice cream parlor

In the US we loved the ice cream parlor Cold Stone where you picked an ice cream flavor and different types of toppings. My favorite were vanilla ice cream with brownie, marshmallows and hot fudge.

During the past years this seems to have become popular in Sweden as well. Tonight we went to Bogart’s which is located around 5 minutes by car from where we live. We bought one scoop with vanilla with Daim (crispy toffee type of candy bar), and another with Ahlgren’s bilar (marshmallow candy). Yummy, yummy, yummy!



Sugar kick

Today was my first day (of four) attending CM courses onsite in Stockholm. It was fun to finally have fellow attendees to talk to and discuss with during the workshops. Missed that during the online class.

The instructor had been kind enough to leave candy on every table so in the middle of the afternoon a little extra help to keep the brain active was needed!