Two great fathers

This Sunday was Father’s day and hubby and I made dinner for our fathers.

My father loves ribs so it was an easy pick as far as deciding what to make for dinner. I wanted to do something special with my cupcakes and decided on a version of apple pie and vanilla sauce. Unfortunately these were not my best ones. The vanilla sauce topping was so thick and jelly that it was basically impossible to stick decorations on top. The sugar paste flowers I made was impossible to use so instead I used chocolate hearts only. They tasted alright but I know I can make much better cupcakes than this but at least they looked good! 😉

My father-in-law (on the left) and my father
My father-in-law (on the left) and my father
Ribs with chips and veggies
Ribs with chips and veggies

My "apple pie and vanilla sauce" cupcakes
My “apple pie and vanilla sauce” cupcakes


Nerd grill

For two years our old Apple Mac Pro has been standing unused in our home office. Or maybe not totally unused… before we bought our nice chairs I actually used it as a chair. Yes you read it right, a chair! 🙂

As we couldn’t get it up and working we figured a special retirement of the once so useful and powerful computer was in order. Hubby had read online about people transforming their old Mac Pros to grills so he wanted to try to do the same.

First thing he had to do was to remove all the content so only the aluminum cover was left. Turned out to be quite a tedious job as it was put together very cleverly. Hidden screws and other things had my hubby and father working for almost 3 hours  (minus a little break for coffee and cake) disassembling the computer.



Eventually everything inside the computer was laying on the floor. It’s quite amazing to think that someone made all this different parts fit together so perfectly inside a “small” box.


We didn’t have any charcoal nor a suitable cooking grid that day but two days later it was finally time to try out our new nerd grill as we’ve nicknamed the newest member of our BBQ family.



The grill worked out great! Now we only need to find a better stand for it and we’ll be rocking our Apple Mac Pro BBQ for a long time!

Birthday party

Yesterday it was time for our birthday celebration of my hubby. We had invited the whole family to late lunch/early dinner at my parents place and the weather was very cooperative. Sunny and warm, around 27 degrees C. Perfect time to be by the water as its a little bit cooler there.

Hubby had decided to grill a whole rib eye (almost 2 kilos). He marinated/covered it with a herb coating and used basil, tarragon, oregano, flat leafed parsley, rosemary and thyme. We served the meat with a homemade potato salad plus a green salad.



For dessert I’d made cupcakes. I did two versions: one with licorice and a lemon and licorice topping and the other with crushed chocolate and a raspberry and sugar paste flower topping. Both versions turned out great! As hubby is a major licorice fan it was fun to make treat especially for him. I’m the chocolate lover! 😄


Party prep

It’s my wonderful hubby’s 45th birthday today. We’re not having the real celebration until Saturday when everyone is invited to my parents place (our apartment is too small) for BBQ.

I’m making cupcakes for the birthday party and today I started making the flowers that will be on top as decoration. I’ve not made any since I attended the cupcake class in May so it was fun to finally make some again. I did not have everything I needed so the first flowers didn’t turn out as great but then I tried to use sponges to put the flowers upside down on in order for them to keep the shape. Much better! I can’t remember that we did that in the class though so not sure why I had the issue of the flowers “falling apart”.


Of course we needed a little celebration on his actual birthday so he decided what he wanted to grill, and I asked my parents if we could use their grill. Our electrical grill is no fun at all for a grill fanatic like my hubby. 😊 He made rainbow trout marinated in a habanero and lime sauce. First time we tried that recipe but definitely not the last!


Stuffed pork tenderloin

I dare say that we ate the last BBQ dinner of the year tonight! We didn’t really know what to make until we went to the meat shop and saw pork tenderloin. Felt like a long time since we made a stuffed pork tenderloin.

At the grocery store we debated a little of what items to stuff the meat with but finally got: a creamy brie cheese, Sharon fruit, honey pomelo, lime, jalapeño and habanero.


Hubby cut everything in smaller pieces and filled up the pork tenderloin. One piece with habanero and the other with jalapeño otherwise the two tenderloins were identical.


Next he used a butcher string to tie around the meat and to hold everything together.


Time on the BBQ was around 25-30 minutes using indirect grilling. When ready to serve remove the butcher string.


To the pork tenderloin we served French fries, an apple/curry cold sauce (bought so can’t share the recipe…) and salad. Yummy, yummy…