Journey in the archipelago 

My parents and I went on a cruise through the Stockholm archipelago and to the island of Åland. We departed Stockholm at 6 pm on Tuesday evening and came back yesterday shortly before 4 pm.

We had warm and sunny weather and the archipelago was looking fantastic! If the weather is good I’m not sure there is a better place to be. 

We had booked one of the better rooms and it had a huge window towards the side of the ship. Just sitting there and looking out was quite calming not to mention waking up with that view. I think I slept with the best view ever! 😍 Wish I could wake up that way every morning.  

The most difficult part of the trip was probably the buffet on Tuesday evening. It was so much people and lots of noise so I had a hard time enjoying eating. It was a quite stressful setting. Some people really get loud and shameless when the have a good buffet in front of them. Next time I travel I will remember to book the later dinner slot.

I took plenty of gorgeous photos, here are a few…

Our cabin
Leaving Stockholm, here is the amusement park Gröna Lund
Car ferries by Oxdjupet
Sunset in the archipelago

I guess we’re going too slow as another cruise ship quickly passed by us.
Morning view from my bed! 😍

The outer Åland archipelago

View of Furusund from our cabin

View from the rear deck.

One of the longest cruise ships visiting the Stockholm area this summer.

Hello Stockholm! To the left is the old town.

Worked… kinda…

So I posted my first post through email yesterday evening. Well, it was both a good and bad outcome… the good part being that the post actually got posted to my blog, and the not so good part was that 1) the pictures showed up in different sizes even though I specified a size before I sent off the email and 2) not all of the text got posted. Not sure if it's because the last image got bigger than supposed to, or what. I suppose the conclusion right now is that it works unless I post a too long post or one including more than one picture… So, I'll keep writing my posts on my computer until I can figure out what the problem is. 

We had a nice time on our cruise. I didn't sleep particularly well though, but I rarely do that when we're on a cruise. I have no issue with sleeping while I'm on water, my problem is more all the noise… the boat engine, the extremely loud "vacuum toilets" and just other guests. The bed aren't that comfortable either, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much about that as I don't like the bed I sleep in every night either. We really need to get a new mattress soon! Anyway… the trip was nice and we had a very relaxing weekend with good food and nice views. For lunch today I ate a fish and seafood casserole:



Tonight we'll be sailing… ehh… maybe cruising is more correct… away to Mariehamn, Åland with Birka Paradise. We've not taken a cruise trip for quite some time so it will be fun! Even more so as we bought these tickets through Groupon (if you're not familiar with that company I suggest you check it out!!) and payed half the price! 🙂 We'll be enjoying a seafood buffet for dinner tonight. Yummy, yummy! 

Right now the weather is perfect for a cruise. It's sunny, quite warm (considering it's September) and just beautiful to be out on the water. I just hope this weather stays until our return journey tomorrow.  Traveling through the archipelago during sunny weather is just WOW!

I'm trying to set up a "email feature" that will allow me to post messages to my blog just by sending an email (to a secret address only I will know). Maybe I'll manage to post some pictures tonight/tomorrow during our trip otherwise I'll post them when we're back.

Shrimp cruise

Wednesday evening we went on this summers second shrimp cruise. This time we went with the boat M/S Rödlöga. The cruise starts and stops across the water from where my parents live.

I didn't get any good pictures of my parents house from the boat but I got plenty of other good pictures!







I'm also happy to report that I've gotten a job!! I got the call with the job offer Monday during our way back from Dalarna and Wednesday I signed the contract! I'll be employed by a consultant company but be working at a client as a configuration manager, which is the same type of job I did in the US. Only difference is that I then worked with software development and now it will be hardware development instead. Right now it looks like I'll start on August 17, but it all depends on some paperwork needing to go through at the client. I'm very happy about my new job and I can't wait to start! 🙂

Wonderful water

With Mathias being at work today after the three-day weekend I felt a little bored and decided to go to my parents to hang out. As it was so warm this morning I figured it would be much nicer to be out there, and both my father and brother are on vacation this week. We decided to take a little journey out on the water… especially nice as it was my first boat trip of the year/season.




In my parents yard I'm eagerly awaiting one of my favorite flowers to bloom, krollilja (martagon lily in english). It's on its way and I've actually told my mother to call me as soon as its blooming so I can come out and take a look!


And here is a picture of our new wardrobes as promised yesterday:


9 wonderful years

Yesterday we celebrated our 9th anniversary with a "shrimp galore dinner cruise" in the archipelago. It was a fabulous evening for it with perfect summer weather, warm, no clouds, and almost no wind. Couldn't ask for a better evening out in the archipelago. The cruise took 3 hours and we had a 15-minute stop in Vaxholm–at Kastellet really–before enjoying our dessert while heading back to Stockholm.  

Here are some pictures from our evening: