Last weekend we decided to finally do a major cleaning of our garage. We’ve talked about it for almost a year but never done anything about it. Ever since we moved into the house the garage have been only a storage place for old boxes and other stuff. We want to be able to put the car in there and organize every thing which does have its space there.

We had done a little organization of things to throw away during the Easter holiday so a majority of the things needed to be sorted was already taken care off. Now we carried everything out to the drive way and started sweeping the floor. Since I can’t carry the heavier stuff I started sweeping in the storage room while Mathias handled the items left in the main garage area. I thought I’d cleaned it pretty well but hubby gave it another go to get rid of the last parts and wow it sure became a lot of dust smoke in the room. Suddenly our security alarm went off and we couldn’t figure out what had happened. It didn’t take many seconds until the security company called and it turned out that the fire alarm in the garage sensed smoke and therefore the alarm went off. We had not even thought of that the dust could set if off! They allowed us to temporarily remove the fire alarm so we could continue our cleaning. 😃

Now the garage and storage room looks fantastic! All we have to do now is purchase shelves and hooks in order to really get it looking good! Pretty soon our car can move in too! 😉

All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!
All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!
All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!
All stuff cleared out of the garage and located in the drive way. Thankfully no rain despite the quite cloudy day!

Breakfast picnic

Since the weather is fantastic here in Stockholm right now we decided to go for a breakfast picnic this morning. I prepared as much as I could yesterday evening so all I had to do this morning was fixing the sandwiches and away we went.

We went to a part of our municipality called Garnsviken. It’s a lake connected to the ocean by a canal. The particular area of Garnsviken we went to is a popular swimming spot in the summer. 

Garnsviken is part of the old waterway used by the Vikings called LĂ„nghundraleden. The waterway used to go between the Baltic ocean and the old town of Uppsala. Nowadays it is not possible to travel this way by boat as there is not water all the way due to the land uplift. 

View of Garnsviken

The bathing platform

Nice view for breakfast

Of course I had to take a picture when I found wood anemones 😃

Cherry blossoms

Last week I met up with my mother-in-law at KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden in downtown Stockholm in order to see the cherry trees. Beautiful as always! It’s fantastic to walk under the trees and feel that you have a pink ceiling above you.


The nice Spring weather had not arrived yet and it was quite chilly and windy outside so we quickly walked around the trees, took the necessary pictures, and then took the tram to a cafĂ© where we enjoyed an extremely yummy egg and avocado toast. Just looking at the picture make me want to go back right now. 🙂


Bus adventure

I’ve not written in quite some time because I’ve not felt good. I’m having major issues with fatigue and it’s gotten so bad that I’m currently on full-time medical leave from work. I always have some level of fatigue due to my rheumatoid arthirits but this is worse than it has ever been. I’m having problems with my concentration and my memory as well as having difficulties with too much noise. Just sitting on the bus or train makes me feel exhausted.

I’m trying to do some daily adventures in order to get out of the house. Yesterday I went to the gym for an appointment with my physiotherapist. Great time as usual and I’m feeling it in both arms and legs today 😉

As we are currently in the high peak of the pollen season I’m trying to limit being outdoors too much so today I decided to go on a bus ride to Ljusterö, which is a island part of the municipality where I leave. The bus ride also includes a trip on a car ferry. I went to the end station, looked around and went back on the bus before it left again (which were 15 minutes). A nice little journey and it kept me out of the house for 3 hours. When I came hope again I had to rest on the couch almost all afternoon. I can’t wait until I’m back to my normal self again but until then I’ll just have to enjoy my small adventures.

Here are some pictures from today…

The start of the journey – my bus stop
The car ferry
LinanĂ€s – the end station
Back on the bus again, it was not so crowded at the beginning of the journey 🙂
Waiting to embark he ferry to take us back to the mainland. 

February challenge


A few weeks ago I signed up for a 30 day Paleo challenge which starts tomorrow February 1st. This means I will omit grains, dairy, legumes, suger, and all processed food. 

As many of you know I’ve eaten paleo for quite some time but I’ve never been on a completely strict meal plan before. We did ate 80-90% paleo in the Fall of 2013 and during that time I had less pain in my joints so I thought it was time to go 100% paleo and why not do it together with others! I chose to do it with the help of Under vĂ„rt tak which is a Swedish blog I’ve followed for a long time and they also have a huge recipe bank. They provide a complete meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days. All I need to do is go grocery shopping! Yesterday I prepared for what meals to include during the upcoming week as most often I skip breakfast and I prefer to eat leftovers for lunch rather than prepare a new meal, at least on weekdays. The challenge also focus on water balance, exercise and sleeping/resting.

Today we went grocery shopping for week 1 but I also cleared out our pantry and refrigerator so a few shelves are “paleo friendly”. The other shelves are a no-no for the next 30 days!   


If you want to see my journey over the next month I suggest you follow me on Instagram! 😊

It’s Friday!

Friday is without a doubt the best day of the week! Two days with the possibility to relax and take it easy and just enjoy all these things I don’t feel I have time for during the workweek. Actually the best part is not having the alarm go off at 5am! 😉 

This weekend started off with a great dinner. Mathias wanted me to come to the area in downtown where he is working so we could try one of all the restaurants he loves in the area. It turned out to be a creperie serving gluten and lactose free food. We shared a fantastic salmon galette and a crepe filled with apples for dessert. A very yummy start to the weekend! 


Kick off of 2016


We started the new year with a trip to Nerja, Spain in order to visit my sister-in-law and to see her newly purchased apartment. We’ve had 6 great days in Spain and enjoyed being away from home and just relaxed and gathered energy. Of course we’ve had lots of tasty tapas too!


Tomorrow it’s time to go back to work after 3 weeks of vacation. I’m quite eager to get into the normal daily life again, although it’s been very nice not having to wake up at 5.15 every morning. 🙂 Pretty soon life will be busy and stressful again and then I will remember this fantastic view. Can it get any better?