Cecilia Magnusson née Wallon

Stockholm, Sweden

October 14, 1975

-Configuration manager

home decoration, photography, geocaching,  traveling, cooking/baking

Favorite Books:
Mister God, this is Anna by Fynn; LOTR by Tolkien

Favorite Movies:
October Sky, LOTR, Harry Potter, The Phantom of the Opera

Favorite TV-shows:
Rarely watch TV but when I do I like travel shows and cooking shows

Favorite Music:
Pop/Rock, country, musicals, classical

Favorite Foods:
Italian, Thai, Vietnamese

Favorite Restaurants:
Luca D’Italia, Denver, CO; Scoma’s, San Francisco, CA

Favorite Places:
San Francisco, the Rocky Mountains, Stockholm archipelago,

Biggest Thrill:
Balloon ride over Napa Valley

Favorite Quotations:
Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

My Hubby:
I’ve been married to my husband Mathias since 2001. Time flies! 🙂 I have the best husband in the world! 😉 He’s considerate, humble, and always so positive. One glance at him and he turns my bad day into smiles and laughter.

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