Thanks and Goodbye!

I have decided it is time to discontinue with this blog. It has been long overdue as I rarely write in it nowadays. I started the blog as a way to communicate with our family on what we were up to when we lived in the US. When we moved back home to Sweden I thought it would be fun to write for our friends in the US. I enjoy writing so it was never hard to find things to write about but as I share highlights from my life on Instagram and/or Facebook the blog has started to become obsolete. No fun to write about things most people have already heard of.

Of course I also have followers of the blog that are not connected to me on either of those platforms and for you I’m happy to report I’m not going to discontinue writing though.. I have created another blog where the main focus will be more health related (nutrition, fitness and my RA) and I hope that you are interested and will follow me there instead. 🙂 My new blog is called Fit for RA.

So, after 1034 posts I say, Thank you and Goodbye! 🙂

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