Culinary highlights

I’m still on medical leave due to my fatigue. I’ve not worked for 7 weeks now and I will continue to be on medical leave for at least 3 more weeks. I was told by my doctor this week that as long as I have difficulties with my concentration and memory I’m not allowed to go back to work. So, I have to find other fun things to occupy my time with… one of them is food! Preferably food without dairy/lactose and grain but on some occasions I do allow myself to eat even those ingredients. If you follow my Instagram you know that I post a lot of images of different food creations, both things I make on my own but also meals that my hubby and I plan and prepare together. Those are actually my favourite moments… cooking together and enjoying a good meal is priceless.

The past weeks we’ve prepared lots of yummy food and as I don’t have anything else fun to write about right now I thought I would share some images of our fantastic dinners. 🙂

Whole chicken on the bbq. First time we tried the rotisserie function.
Thai Chicken with broccoli in the making. Fun to use our wok pan for the bbq to make some new dishes that we normally make on the stove. 


Entrecote and burning rosemary on the bbq


Fried mackerel rum on crisp bread, topped with fresh chives
Stuffed mackerel on the bbq. 
Gluten free pizza with beef tenderloin. Served with bearnaise sause (not shown).
Broccoli and salad drizzled with a lemon and parmesan mixture and grilled chicken thighs. 
Oh and a sandwich cake made by my mother-in-law and myself. 

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