Mission accomplished!

For the fourth year in a row I signed up to participate in Vårruset–a 5K race for women every year in May–together with 5 of my rheumatic friends. We always sign up together as a group as we then receive a picnic basket to enjoy after the race.

For the first time in 4 years we actually had fantastic weather all evening long. Previous years we’ve had clouds, wind, rain and even freezing cold. To be able to walk the race in short sleeves was amazing! To not mention actually taking time to enjoy the picnic afterwards.

For two years now I’ve had major issues with my hip but with the help from my physical therapist in addition to cortisone shots when the pain/inflammation as been to severe I’ve managed to have it more or less under control. During the past 2 weeks I’ve walked longer distances (two times just over 4K and once 5K) in order to prepare for the race and have not had any major issues with the hip. My wish for the race was to be able to be under the one hour mark and I’m very proud to say that I did manage to accomplish it! 😃

Runkeeper stats

Towards the end of the race I started to get an intense pain in my hip plus problems with my left foot. I did not slow down though because I was focused on getting to the finish line “in time”. I also had a friend walking with me so I was able ignore the pain pretty good while talking to her.

On my way home after the race the pain got worse and when I got off the bus around 5 minutes from home I could not walk anymore due to the pain. Luckily my hubby was there and walked home and came back with the car to pick me up. I had a hard time fall asleep but after awhile I guess the painkillers finally kicked in as I did manage to sleep around midnight.

I’m still in pain this morning so I guess pain killers will be my best friend today. I’m hoping to be back to normal pretty soon. When I’ve walked these distances the past weeks I’ve not gotten issues with my hip but I haven’t pushed myself for a specific time then instead I’ve always walked slower in order to actually manage to reach the distance I wanted to accomplish.

I’m also extremely happy to have managed to participate in the race considering my fatigue. As its always lots of music and noise during a race I did bring ear plugs but never used them.

Considering everything with the hip and fatigue I’m so proud of myself for participating yesterday! Major accomplishment and maybe a good sign that I’m on track of getting better.


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