Hello 2015!

It’s about time to get this blog going again. Summer has ended, the Fall has come and gone and we’ve celebrated Christmas. I’ve been more than lazy during the past 6 months mostly due to my eye issues. Now it’s 2015 and time to get back into the normal routine again. I will try to write more regularly as of now.

I’m happy to report that my eye is healthy again and I’m working full-time as of late October. The Mabthera medication finally got rid of the scleritis. I’m so happy! I’m still on regular checkups to make sure nothing happens. My next Mabthera session is in 3,5 weeks. I’m so not looking forward to it… now when I know how I felt after the previous IV sessions I’m more nervous than ever.

As far as the deck construction goes we are almost finished. The whole deck is done except the side trimming. The house is painted and looking nice! We’ve done a few things on the inside during the Fall but we still have many things left to do.

Right now I’m at the end of the Christmas holiday break. On Wednesday it is back to work after 19 days off. I’m actually looking forward to start working again but I’m not looking forward to waking up so early in the mornings. 😉 Sleeping to at least 8am is quite nice… Lazy mornings are so precious when you don’t have them every day!

If you don’t think I’m updating my blog often enough I suggest you follow me on Instagram, id “ceciliamagn”. 🙂


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