Finishing touches

We’re counting down the days until move-in! On May 20th the final inspection is scheduled!

Right now the last finishing touches are being done in the house. Now we can almost see everything we picked and designed last summer. The tiles, the kitchen, the appliances… not to mention my fancy pantry!




The wall paper in the dining area and the wall paint is finished… the color of the master bedroom turned into a big “oh no” when we noticed that it was the wrong color. Turned out that the color choice we gave the painter had the same name for two different versions, one for outdoor and another for indoor. Shouldn’t be an issue you might think but the paint store delivered the paint in the outdoor color scheme. The paint store admitted that they had done a big mistake and new paint will be provided. So, thankfully, it will be repainted at no cost for us.



It’s a nice color really, but not the calming and relaxing type as I want for the bedroom. Looking forward to go back and see it repainted.

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