Sunny and warm!


We have arrived! After a plus 6 hour flight yesterday–the plan had to take a longer route due to a flight control strike–we arrived to a sunny and warm Fuerteventura!

Yesterday evening we went on a little tour of the resort provided by the “Må Bra”-team–a Swedish health magazine which is one if the organizers of the trip. We also attended a little get-together before dinner. After that we went straight to the hotel room to unpack and go to bed. Traveling makes you extra tired!

Today we woke up, got dressed and joined the others in a Qi Gong exercise on the beach while the sun came up. Great way to start the day! I think the breakfast tasted extra good after this little exercise! 😊

We also attended a “lecture” about food and training before going on the second exercise of the day, a dance class called HouseMoves. Very intensive with difficult steps but fun. I only managed to attend for 20 minutes and then my hip and foot started to complain so I had to stop. I enjoyed listening to the music and watched the others instead.

In the afternoon we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the warm sunshine, great views and a nice conversation!



There is an underground tram in order to not have to walk up all of the stairs to the different buildings (4 in total) along the hillside. It’s not the quickest transportation method so today we decided to find the stairs instead.


The schedule of the week is quite intensive. They offer many classes each day! Too many for me as I’m not in a shape yet to attend several in a day. I’m hoping I’ll manage to attend two tomorrow. 🙂

One thought on “Sunny and warm!

  1. Donna March 20, 2014 / 15:23

    Looks beautiful there. Enjoy your trip!

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