Dilemma of the day


I’m currently in the middle of packing for my vacation. I’m going to a sport hotel so I’ve got all the necessary things such as training clothes, training shoes, swimwear, and of course evening (party) clothes. Oh and lots of sunscreen! Every thing is pretty much done EXCEPT what book should I bring!? Normally I would opt for my iPad as that means one device but many books. I’ve decided to not bring it with me this time because I want my eyes to rest. I’m only going to use my iPhone for necessary things such as photography, checking emails (might get some very important house decision communication from my hubby) and, of course, blogging! So, maybe pick the one that fit best in the purse is the best method. But, then… I could have a few books in the luggage I’m checking in as well? Oh what a major and so important decision. Maybe I should go back to work and take it easy instead! 😉

2 thoughts on “Dilemma of the day

  1. Elisabeth March 17, 2014 / 19:40

    Hoppas du får en jättefin resa! Kram ❤

  2. strawberryquicksand March 17, 2014 / 23:34

    Are you sure you can’t fit them all in? Maybe you could buy a book there!

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