Hello 2014!

2014 started like most other new year’s… fireworks and then going to bed around 2 am which as always resulted in a VERY LAZY first day of the year. 🙂 Went to bed at 9 pm last night in order to catch up and after 11 hours of sleep I’m feeling like myself again. Staying up until 2 am really put my whole body and not to mention my joints into a very bad mood. If I didn’t like watching all the fireworks starting off the new year I would so go to bed earlier. Seems so stupid really that the first day of the year is a lazy day instead of a day full of energy. 😉

Now its 2014 and I have 363 days in front of me. I’ve opened the book of 2014 and can fill it with whatever content I want. So exciting!!! My major plan for 2014 is to continue with concentrating on my health. I’ve lost some weight during the past 6 months and I plan on loosing much more during the next 12 months. Exercise and good eating habits will continue to be my key in life.

During the last months of 2013 I finally managed to lower my daily cortisone dose with 1/4 of a pill (2,5 milligram). Might not sound like much but for me it’s a HUGE step! I’ve never managed to follow the plan my doctor set out for me because as soon as I started lowering the dose my body reacted immediately. My dear hubby came up with another solution which worked wonders. I start taking a lower dose every fourth day for the first two weeks, then every third day for the next two weeks etc. After 2,5 months I finally managed to be on the lower dose for 7 days in a row without any issues.  I will start 2014 with trying to lower the dose with another 1/4 of a pill. Pretty soon I’ll be down to only taking 2,5 milligram of cortisone a day. I’m hoping to get rid off that pill too though.

I already have several fun things to look forward to this year… new job, new house, a training trip to Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands) with a friend and two races. The short distance race (5 km) is at the end of May and the longer race (10km) in November. I’m considering a 10 km race in September as well but haven’t decided on that one yet.


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