Santa tracker

When a was sick with a cold around a week ago I was doing some major app cleaning on my iPad. I deleted some I didn’t use and organized others. I still can’t find everything I want (thankfully it’s possible to search though!) but I’m sure I get used to it eventually.

One of the apps I do like is Night Sky 2. Obviously I couldn’t remove that one! With it I can see the stars, planets, satellites etc around our world and it follows my movement through the different directions. I can even see down south although that is not possible in real life. 🙂

The app offered an in-app purchase called “the santa tracker”. It was only 7 SEK (~1 US dollar) and I thought it sounded pretty neat–yeah I’ve heard Santa supposedly don’t exist! ;)– so I bought it. Shortly I will be able to follow his adventure around the world. Right now he’s working hard in the North Pole though! 🙂

Santa loading the gifts!
Santa loading the gifts!
Close up on Santa
Close up on Santa

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