New challenges

Excuse my lack of posts lately but I’ve not felt particularly compelled to writing. I’ve had lots of fun things going on plus a major not so fun thing…

Last week my manager told me I was one of the 180 people in the company to be dismissed. I knew since September that the company planned to lay off 180 people but you’re never quite prepared that it will happen to you. I’ve been without an assignment ever since I left Linköping and had started to get really bored with not having anything to do so I started to apply for new opportunities anyway. I’ve not been in any hurry and I’ve just picked the few ones I could find which really interested me. I guess now is not the time to not be too picky though…

I was given until yesterday to decide if I wanted to sign the agreement (severance pay etc) or if I should go with the union and try to get my job back (and if not the job probably a not so good new agreement minus the severance pay). After some major thinking I decided on the first. I’m not interested in getting my job back at this point. I just want to find a new one where people are interested in my knowledge and what I can offer.

My last day working at the company will be on Thursday December 5th. After that I’ll have some months of “free time”, i.e. I will get payed but no requirements to work. I will actively work on getting a new job though!

This was not how I planned to end 2013…

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