Reset button?

Sometimes I wish I had a reset button on myself so I could get rid off any problems with my body. For the third time this Fall I’ve visited the Eye ER. In August I was diagnosed with iritis and it took a little over a month for me to get well from it. Four weeks ago I had to go there again and was diagnosed with episcleritis. I stopped with the medication I was prescribed a little over a week ago. The redness of the eye really never went away completely and two days ago it started hurting again. So, today it was time for a visit again. Now it’s “just” an inflammation of the outer eye, I didn’t get a name for it but I’m sure it’s called something… Now I’m prescribed with cortisone drops again and anti inflammatory pain killers for a week until my checkup appointment. At that time they will decide on further actions but it seems like they want me to stick with anti inflammatory pain killers for a while even after t his week has passed.

As I’m blind on one eye, and it’s my good eye that has the issues, I’m disliking all these eye problems even more. It’s difficult to just have one eye that works and not worry when all these problems pop up. I know I can’t do anything in order to prevent more issues in the future. With my RA I have learned what I need to do in order to feel good and limit aching joints etc, but there is nothing I can do to help my eye stay healthy. 😦

After my appointment I walked towards the city centre to eat lunch with a girlfriend and I passed by one of my favorite stores that sell lamps. I found the coolest lamp ever! Unfortunately, it will be too big for the master bedroom in the house. Otherwise it would have fit in perfectly! 🙂

Coolest lamp ever!
Coolest lamp ever!

One thought on “Reset button?

  1. Elisabeth November 18, 2013 / 16:59

    Stackars du, vad besvärligt med dina ögon. Hoppas det snart blir bra nu ❤
    Jättefin lampa 🙂

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