Achieving a professional goal

One of my professional goals this year was to attend a Technical writing course. Even though my (earlier) boss and I set it up as a goal I had some issues with trying to get it approved once it was time to sign up. A few things such as an reorganization and two new bosses (first new boss quit after 2 months) happened in between the goal setting and the signing up for the course. Eventually I got a YES and yesterday was my first day.

Conference room where the course was held.
Conference room where the course was held.

Half of our first day we had introductions of technical communication (as well as the obligatory introductions of the instructor and the participants). The second part of the day we worked hard trying to write our first instruction. The aim was to write how to replace a broken window. Tricker than it sounds as you really need to pay attention to what words you use and which needs to be avoided. A few hours later we were all finished and critiqued our work.

The second day started (just as the first day) with a second breakfast for me. Not that I needed it as I’d eaten my breakfast at home already. But, hey, who can say no to a nice table filled with different types of bread, ham, cheese, veggies, fruits etc.

Second breakfast
Second breakfast

The rest of the second day contained writing assignments with a little short lecture before each assignment. I’ve learned to write process descriptions and technical function descriptions. I’ve written about plywood boards, coffee makers and a kitchen stove.

Writing assignment in action.
Writing assignment in action.

Now I have finished two of my four days of the course. The next two days are at the end of October and before then we’ll have weekly assignments to accomplish.

I’m truly enjoying the course! That I like to write is probably no surprise, but technical writing is lots of fun and requires many brain cells along the way. 🙂 I’m hoping I’ll get some work assignment where I can put all of my newly accomplished skills into use.

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