Weekend of “C’s”

The Invisible Illness Awareness week is now over. I’ve found several new blogs during the past week which is great. I’ve also gotten a few new readers. Thank you for liking and following my blog! 🙂

Two fun things happened this past weekend!

Saturday I bought a new Computer! I’m finally the proud owner of a MacBook Air–I’ve had a MacBook Pro the past years. My new computer is light and easy to carry. Not to mention how light it feels when I have it in my lap. Now I can do my blogging from my chair in the living room instead of sitting in the home office. 🙂

My new MacBook Air
My new MacBook Air

There is always something special with unpacking a new computer. Kinda similar to writing in a new calendar the first day of a new year I guess. A new computer… clean from all possible junk and I can start fresh. Well, I have a bunch of pictures and other files that needs to be transferred still but I’ll get to do all that eventually. I have told myself to get this computer better organized as far as my photos and documents go. :/ Let’s see how that works…

I’m considering buying a “one to one” year membership. You can purchase a full year membership when you buy a new computer for 900 SEK ($99). I’ve had different types of Mac’s for the past 8 years or so and I’ve learned a lot on my own but I’m thinking a little expertise help is always good. In particular when it comes to photo handling. I need something better than just saving my files in a regular folders. It’s tedious to go through when I’m looking for something… I want to use iPhoto or Aperture but haven’t really figured out which one yet.

Sunday it was time for a new Cupcake class. This was my second class and the theme was love. One thing we learned was to make a rose from sugar paste. That was tricky! We made a huge rose and I’m planning to practice in order to be able to make smaller versions which won’t look too big on a cupcake. 🙂 Practice makes perfect!

As in my last class we got four cupcakes to decorate. Except the rose we also made hearts and some other flowers as well as two types of “cupcake lids”.

Class ready to start
Class ready to start
Rose making in action
Rose making in action
The rest of my sugar paste creations
The rest of my sugar paste creations
My cupcakes and rose
My cupcakes and rose

One thought on “Weekend of “C’s”

  1. addercatter September 18, 2013 / 08:31

    I love the one with the pink topper especially! Beautiful

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