Cauliflower rice

I decided to have a little fun and make my own chicken dish which would resemble the popular Swedish dish “Flying Jacob” but make it Paleo approved. So instead of whipped cream I decided to use coconut milk. I substituted the banana for pineapple and also added onion. I skipped the bacon and the peanuts. The coconut milk I seasoned with chili sauce, sweet chili sauce plus salt and pepper.

All ingredients in my chicken dish
All ingredients in my chicken dish

Flying Jacob you serve with rice and since that is definitely not Paleo approved I remembered I read about something called cauliflower rice two weeks ago when I researched new recipes. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower but I figured I got to try it out anyway.

The cauliflower was pulled into smaller pieces in order for it to fit into our food processor. We used the pulse setting until it got a feeling of regular rice. I have to say, cauliflower do NOT smell good!

Cauliflower after being pulsed in the food processor.
Cauliflower after being pulsed in the food processor.

Next, I sautéed the cauliflower in the frying pan and after around 5 minutes it was ready to be served. (I used this recipe as a base but skipped the garlic and onion).

And the result? Fantastic! I have to say that the cauliflower tasted better than it smells. 🙂 I’ll try to make a fried rice dish next time. I love fried rice! Actually anything with rice I like. Hubby claims that I should have been born in Asia because I enjoy rice so much. 🙂

Dinner is served!
Dinner is served!

3 thoughts on “Cauliflower rice

  1. strawberryquicksand September 20, 2013 / 02:42

    Okay, now you are just being mean. I really want that recipe! For both items… lol

    • Cecilia September 21, 2013 / 16:04

      Haha well sorry for not posting a recipe for the chicken dish but I just made it up. 🙂 I used one grilled chicken and cut the meat into 1 inch pieces. Added 1/2 chopped onion and a small can of pineapple rings (also chopped into smaller pieces). Then mixed (according to taste) chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, salt, pepper together with a large can of coconut milk. Last I put it in the oven for approx 15 minutes in 220 degrees Celsius. Next time I will use a little starch in the sauce though to make it a little thicker. Hope this helps 🙂

      • strawberryquicksand September 21, 2013 / 22:07

        Sounds very tasty!!!

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