Supportive souls

blogger-badgeEver since I got sick I’ve been blessed with fantastic support from my hubby and my family.  I realize that not everyone are that fortunate so I want to dedicate a blog post to them.

My hubby is my trooper… my rock… the person that helps me more than anyone else, and the person who gets affected most by my illness. Ever since the beginning he has been my strength and guidance. He’s always there trying to make life easier for me during a bad day. He never complains, not even when my mood gets crappy due to the aching joints and I react in a not so pleasant manner. He reminds me that life is good. He reminds me that despite the occasional flare my joints are much better nowadays and I’m able to live a good life.

He can stand and look at me when I open a jar and I’m working really hard to hear that magical “click” which signals that the jar is open. He always ask if I want help but I quite stubbornly reply “no”, I want to do it myself! I suppose he likes asking because he knows I will get annoyed and try even harder to open it. 😉 Some days I succeed and he always smiles at me like “I knew you could do it”. He has teached me ways in order to hold the jar–or the milk cartoon for that matter–in a better way so I can manage to open whatever is needed to be opened.

He’s there when I’m having problems with my syringe and I just can’t get it to work–it looks like a “pen” and you need to have it angled correctly against the skin in order for the button to work so the needle appears. I get stressed and annoyed while he calmly and in his normal intelligent and analytical way informs me of what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes I then get even more upset because “I am doing it that way”, but of course… he’s always right in his analysis.

He has joined me on doctor’s appointments on several occasions. Nowadays I go to the hospital alone but in the beginning he was always there with me. I needed his brain to ask questions to the doctor. He always asked these clever questions which I just never thought of myself. He has held my hand when the doctor had to put a cortisone shot in a joint, and even worse when they tried to extract joint fluid from my knees. Seriously that is horrible, if I wasn’t laying down on those instances I would have fainted and fallen to the floor.

My family–mother, father and brother–acted as personal chauffeurs when I was in a wheel chair and couldn’t get out and about. My mother walked me to the doctor before I got the wheel chair because I didn’t trust my legs to actually get me there. (and I live aprox 2 minutes from the health center). They’ve picked me up at home when I’ve felt so bad from side effects of the medication and I didn’t dare to be alone. Nowadays a big part of their contribution is their fireplace. 🙂 During the Fall, Winter and Spring there is no better place to be on a bad day then in front of that fire. Unfortunately it only works if my bad day occurs on the weekend as otherwise I need to try an imagine a fire while at work. 🙂 Sidetrack… I’m happy that I never ever have skipped work due to my RA (knock on wood….) I’ve had extreme nausea due to medications, pain in all different kinds of joints, limping due to knee or foot problems but I’ve been there. Pain killers have helped me to get through the day but more importantly I’ve had something to do and people to talk to which has made the day pass by quickly. 

My mother-in-law has made fantastic wrist warmers in order to ease the pain during the colder season. I asked her for a pair and she made me 6! I’ve written about it in the post, Perfect present!

During the past 1,5 year I’ve also met new friends through the Facebook group for rheumatics I’ve written about earlier. They have changed my life! I know I’m not alone in this, and I’m so happy I’ve found others who suffers the same issues as I do. Obviously I’m not happy that they are sick, but to have others with the same problems and issues and who understand what I’m going through is very comforting. A few of these friends I’m even meeting regularly for a little support group session. We are always there for each other, either online or through a SMS.

To ALL of you, your constant and never ending support means a lot to me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. ❤

2 thoughts on “Supportive souls

  1. strawberryquicksand September 14, 2013 / 23:02

    What a wonderful post, Cecilia. It actually brought tears to my eyes reading about how wonderful and supportive your husband is. It’s nice to say it out aloud sometimes, isn’t it. I think it’s important to have a good support network as your physical being is as important as your emotional one and if you feel like crap physically, it’s hard not to feel like crap emotionally,but when you have that support it makes things so much easier. And well done for not skipping any work due to your RA. Most people would have had countless days off. You should be proud of yourself, my love.

    • Cecilia September 17, 2013 / 14:39

      Thanks Yvette 🙂

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